Tuesday, December 17

Last Minute Gift Ideas Under £20;

Long time no blog! Sorry about that, I'm going through some personal stuff, so my posts may be few and far between, but bare with me!

As you all know, Christmas is only a week away, and if you haven't got a gift for someone by now, you may be starting to panic a little.. Maybe you haven't had the time, or maybe you have no idea what to get for a certain person. So I hope I can help out a little with my last minute gift ideas!

Last Minute Gifts For The Girls Under £20;

For the perfect gift you only have to pop into your nearest Topshop and you're sorted with this adorable (1) Christmas pyjama set, I mean, isn't it like a tradition that everyone should get nightwear for Christmas haha! If they're not a pyjama kind of gal, then why not get them a (2) dragon hottie, this cute little soft toy can actually be microwaved for that perfect warm cuddle in bed.

For the beauty lovers in your life then this (3) mascara and eyeliner set are perfect, it's simple, so everyone could use it, plus it comes in a lovely neon pink cosmetic pouch. This also comes in a couple of variations if you want to check them out. Again for the beauty addict, I found these amazing (4) Christmas character nail wraps for that fun festive manicure.

Lastly, who can go wrong with a cute Christmas jumper. I know some people think that can be a little tacky, but there are so many fashion jumpers on the high street at the moment, that everyone has one! I especially love this (5) robin one from New Look, it's seasonal but still simple.

Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Guys;

Next up for the guys I've tried to include a little something for everyone. For the child at heart you have this fun (1) desktop drum kit (a little something to keep your other half occupied on Christmas day). Or for the techie, why not give the gift of a new phone case? This (4) LA one from River Island is now on sale for only £5, but there are so many variations out there for you to choose from!

For the guy who's into style, maybe a boyfriend perhaps, why not give them this gorgeous (2) tan weave wallet, or maybe a stylish Winter warmer will do the trick with a (3) patterned scarf. Again, there are so many patterns out there to choose from, I just particularly love this one as it's festive and simple.

Then you may have the man in your life that just seems to have everything, or maybe you just have no idea what sort of things they like. For someone like this I feel that you can never go wrong with some good smellies. This (5) David Beckham set contains both a fragrance and a body wash, and is on sale at the moment for only £16 so it wont break the bank.

I hope you enjoyed my list of last minute gifts, and maybe it gave you an idea for those last few tricky presents. For links to all items included just click on the small pictures below the descriptions.

I hope you all have a merry Christmas, and enjoy the time spent with your families!

Thursday, October 31

Halloween With Style: Vampire;

Halloween With Style: Vampire

Happy Halloween everyone! Have you all got a costume sorted out? If not, then maybe this Halloween with style post can help give you some last minute inspiration.

As you can probably tell, this post is all about vampires! This is such a simple 'costume' to put together, just keep everything a little sexy and sultry, mix black and dark red and you're ready to go.

I started with this gorgeous red silk dress, as the pattern really reminds me of some ancient vampire. I then added some sexy dark red and gold heels to match and a gold lace look bracelet and some earrings that are very royal looking, but can represent blood drops.

Add a fancy cross necklace (we all know crucifixes have no effect on vampires haha) and this cute vampire clutch bag. For make up I kept everything dark and sexy, just a little bit of black eye shadow, dark red lips, some full fake lashes and a dash of mascara to keep everything over the top.

Perfect! Now you have a great vampire costume, whilst still being stylish. Have a great Halloween everyone! 

Thursday, October 24

Halloween With Style: Witch;

Halloween With Style: Witch

Next up in this Halloween with style series is the witch! Definitely one of the most important 'characters' that revolves around Halloween. 

To achieve this look, I found this absolutely gorgeous lace sleeve maxi dress and paired it with some lace up heels. I feel this really gives off the feel of a witch, it has a real vintage look but I've tried to keep it with a little modern style. Add a lace clutch bag to complete the look.

I chose two 'supernatural' accessories for this look including a evil eye necklace and a pair of pentagram earrings. This outfit is very much about standing out with style, but still keeping the witch costume idea in mind. 

For make up I chose to use a black eye liner for the top lid, but use a silver eye on the bottom lash line to keep things mystical. The nail varnish I used just reminds me of everything Halloween so it was a definite must have, and to top off this look I added a pair of spider web design paper eyelashes which will just look amazing.

There you have the perfect witch outfit, but with style! Great for Halloween!

Wednesday, October 16

Halloween With Style: Ghost;

Halloween With Style: Ghost

Next up in my Halloween with style series is a ghost! Now obviously, a stereotypical ghost outfit is a sheet, with eye holes cut out, placed over your head, but who wants to look around looking like that?

For my stylish ghost outfit, I chose a loose, flowy, vintage look dress and I wanted to go with an old fashion look.  I added plain white heels, vintage look rings, a long layered necklace and a lace clutch. For this outfit my main focus point was pale colours, vintage style and loose layers, which is why I chose the long necklace.

For the make up I would keep it extremely pale, simple and innocent looking. Opt for a grey nail polish, (you're meant to be dead after all, right?) use a white eyeliner and grey eyeshadow for pale looking eyes, and keep it innocent with a thin layer of black mascara to make your eyes pop.

VoilĂ , a stylish ghost outfit perfect for a party! With this outfit I have use some expensive items as I was looking for the perfect vintage look, but of course, keep your eye open in charity shops/ thrift shops and you're bound to find something that's perfect, and cheap!

Thursday, October 10

Halloween With Style: Skeleton;

Halloween With Style: Skeleton

Next up in my Halloween series is the skeleton! Now with this outfit you can just have fun, mix black and white together with a few skeleton accessories as you'll definitely have the look.

I paired x-ray leggings with a ripper jumper and some bone heels for added drama. I then added skeleton earrings, skeleton hand ring and a printed clutch. I chose to keep the nails and make up black and white to keep in ties with the costume.

Now, of course, if this is a little too over the top, or a little too many bones for your liking then you can simply mix and match a few of the key pieces.