Friday, April 5

I'm in love with Folkster!

Hey everyone!

For years now I have been totally obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I have gradually been building up my collection and love love love the original style of them all. Unfortunately over here in the UK the newer shoes out are hard to come by.  So of course, when I was on I literally DIED with happiness at seeing these.

Now, this style of shoe are the ones that I've had on my wish list for a while now, and they finally got them in at, so of course straight away I wanted to buy them! But I'm glad I waited, I adore anything with spikes on.. so to have my favourite Jeffrey Campbell shoes, with spikes on the back was totally amazing! At £157.42 they're something I can't just grab straight away :( but I'm definitely saving up, and getting these as quick as possible!

All go over to to check out the rest of their Jeffrey Campbell stock, and the rest of their amazing stuff.


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