Tuesday, April 9

Statement jewellery.

Hey everyone!

I've always been the kind of person who dresses a lot in black, or plain colours, and rely a lot on my accessories to do the talking. So over the years I have developed a lot of love for statement pieces of jewellery, especially large rings.

I've created a list of my favourite statement pieces right now from,, and These websites are definitely in my top 5 places to shop, so go and check them out!

Now down to business..

Ivory Jar Bird Body Chain
Bird Body Chain £40.37

This is definitely my favourite piece! I love anything with skulls on, and most importantly bird skulls. So this body chain is obviously right up my street, it's so unusual and is sure to make any outfit.
Image of Andra. Druzy Quartz Double Ring
This is my second favourite piece I've chosen, as I said, I love a great statement ring. Plus all girls love a big rock, right?
Image 1 of ASOS Statement Eagle Collar Brooches
 Eagle Collar Brooches £25
So original, I've seen similar pieces but nothing like this before!
Ivory Jar Sparrow Skull handpiece (Silver)
Sparrow Skull hand piece £23.41
Again, my love for bird skull jewellery kicks in here, I just couldn't resist adding this in.
Image of Victoria. Huge Baroque Cross Collar
This statement collar, as worn by Rita Ora, is definitely the statement piece to have, the gold cross is simply gorgeous!

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