Thursday, April 11

T-Mobile bashing and stylish iPhone 5 cases!

Anyone here got a mobile plan with T-Mobile? If you have then you'll understand this little rant.. YET AGAIN T-Mobile have raised their prices again! Now when I signed up for my iPhone 4S plan, I figured that the price I was signing up to pay, would actually stay my contract price. But no, nothing is ever that simple. T-Mobile have now raised my price plan yet again, it's raised almost £2 a month since it first started. Now I know £2 doesn't sound like a lot, but come on, money is money!

Anyways, this was the last straw and I've been thinking about just paying off my remaining contract length with them and getting out quickly before they can try pulling anything else, and this will also give me a chance to upgrade to the iPhone 5. So of course, the nerd that I am, I started looking into price plans and what not, then I decided that if I get it, I'm of course going to have a beautiful case to go with it.

Now in normal shops, good looking iPhone 5 cases are hard to come by, so I went to good old trusty where I found some amazing ones!

Here's just a few of my favourites, and let me know which one I should get, and which ones are your favourite!

Punk style full street rock style tip rivets iPhone Cases iPhone 4 case ,iPhone 4s cases iPhone 5 Case sj86 £12.73

So I couldn't resist putting this case in my number one position. I absolutely love anything with spikes on, and my god, this case definitely has enough!
Although maybe not the most practical phone case ever, it will definitely stand out and give your outfit that perfect grunge detail. A phone case is after all a great accessory.
The shop, Newcase, on Etsy, hand make each of these cases, along with many other beautiful designs, so they will also be perfect for a gift to any tech savvy fashionista!
Baby Blue iPhone 5 Case,  Polka Dot iPhone 5 cover
I also found this totally cute polka dot case from pearlreef on Etsy. This bright coloured polka dot print is so in trend for Spring and Summer this year, so make sure your phone is looking it's best!
The gloss shine really makes the colours pop and the durable plastic material means you don't have to worry about accidents.
So grab one now at for only £10.05


Now for you lovers of all things weird, this ouija board phone case is definitely for you!

This is totally different from anything I've seen before and will the perfect conversation starter, and why not,in your spare time, contact some wandering spirits.

CaseFrog sell a variety of stylish cases, so visit and grab yours for only £7.47

Okay, I am totally in love with this case from SunnySeason. I'm usually not a floral kind of girl, but the studs, in the shape of a cross, give that grunge edge without it being too in your face. Perfect for everyday use!

Also the floral print is absolutely perfect for Spring and will keep your phone looking fresh and fashionable.

At only £8.04, you just have to check them out,
Last, but definitely not least, we have another gorgeous phone case. The hot pink is perfect for Spring, and the damask pattern will never grow old!

I especially love the use of shades in this case, it makes the colour a lot more subtle, but will still make the perfect accessory.

Vassap have a ton of totally awesome phone cases, you can grab this one for £12.70, or go check out the others at
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