Monday, May 20

Best Dressed Celebs;

We all love following celeb lifestyles, and as such, a lot of us get inspiration from their personal styles!
I've thrown together a list of who I think, are the best dressed celebs at the moment.

 photo d26b03c1-25ff-4a83-a5f7-3a2e0b690eb4_zps2b469abe.jpg

Emma Stone has quite a classic style, so I am definitely a fan!

 photo 5ba9f7b4-2209-445e-8279-261499f4ec0e_zpse3b6b369.jpg

Ali Larter in a gorgeous Spring outfit, of a knit sweater and matching shorts!

 photo 966c32dc-ffff-46f9-a734-f387303ff52b_zpsb06b727c.jpg

Miley Cyrus looking classy in black and white.

 photo 97960a05-5331-4caa-af49-641e241babac_zpsaeffd717.jpg

Loving the gladiator sandals Rihanna!

 photo 2c54a967-a741-4cce-8bb0-0817c43a2897_zpsa80a4777.jpg

Gorgeous floral print trousers, worn by Emmanuelle Chriqui.

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Monday, May 13

Rihanna Unveils Second Collection for River Island;

I'm sure we were all pretty excited when we first heard about Rihanna doing a collection for River Island. Now it's all starting over again as she gives us a sneaky peak of her up and coming Spring/Summer 13 collection, which is due in stores on May 25.

Watch the video from River Island to find out what inspired her latest collection and to get a sneaky glimpse of what we can expect to see!

I, for one, am so excited for this collection, Rihanna's first line didn't exactly blow me away, but from the video, I have high hopes for her second try!

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Friday, May 10

Friday Inspiration;






Tuesday, May 7

I'm Back.. And I Bring Bikinis!

So after a long hiatus, I am back! I took the time off, just to simply update the look of my blog, and really get it to the point where I am excited and happy to share it. I think I'm mostly there, so here I am with a new post!!

Whilst away, I am happy to say, that we've actually had some lovely weather, the sun has been shining, the wind has been to a minimum, and we've had no rain. AMAZING! Of course, excited about the weather, I got excited at the prospect of a holiday, and as such, I've been look at swim wear.

Here are just a few I've found that I absolutely love, I'm still deciding between them all, so maybe you can help me!

 photo caedd84d-05f3-4cf3-a97f-483f1c57adbf_zps4186c3c8.jpg

This one is definitely my favourite, I love anything a bit out of the norm, so the cage design is perfect for me!  The copper colour is also beautiful and the high waisted bottoms just give you that extra bit of coverage if you're not totally confident with your summer bod.

 photo d56a963e-f3d9-410e-aa29-e9bf879c0e74_zpscaed8bf1.jpg
I absolutely love the colours and prints on this bikini, it's so summery and the neon yellow really stands out.

 photo c516cc51-64e5-4651-af05-b1aeb27b391f_zpsaff24f4d.jpg
(H&M Swimsuit)

This is perfect if your not feeling confident enough to wear a bikini as the lace around the waist shows skin and gives the illusion of a two-piece, whilst keeping you covered.

 photo 38bf5f00-05cc-4e25-80ec-47021cfd1a1f_zps2afd6b7b.jpg
(Marleana Bandeau Fringe Bikini)

This one I have included, as I am 'fortunate' enough to be part of the itty bitty titty committee! So for those flat chested girls out there, the fringe on this top gives the illusion of a curvier bust.

 photo 014d2f31-9ff1-47b1-a994-95932ea94ba4_zps66092caf.jpg
(Blue Map Print Bandeau Bikini)

Last, but not least, I couldn't resist but add in a second Topshop bikini. I've always been a lover of map designs (no idea why!) so this definitely caught my eye! The side ties on the bottoms are so cute and the colours are really vibrant and beautiful.

I do not own any of these pictures, nor do I claim to own them. The rights of these images remain with the photographer/company.