Friday, June 28

My ShopWasteland Wishlist;

I have been a lover of for a while now, they sell such gorgeous, original pieces. I've bought a few bits in the past and I absolutely love them, so I thought I'd do an updated wishlist to share with you all! Like I've said, I'm going on holiday soon, so these are just a few things that I wish would be in my suitcase!

 photo kimono_zps2ef3ffd9.jpg
Topping my wishlist is this gorgeous Lip Service kimono; I have fallen deeply in love. This kimono is perfect for any occasion and could be paired with anything, whether you have an edgier style, or you like more feminine outfits. The sheer fabric with the velvet design really makes this stand out, and the fringing is so on trend for Summer.

 photo shoes_zpsfb9b174f.jpg
It may be Summer, but you can never go wrong with a gorgeous pair of boots. These Jeffrey Campbell snakeskin boots are to die for, they look so luxurious and the cut-out back makes them great for the hotter weather! The silver hardware adds the edgier look, that we all know and love from Jeffrey Campbell, and the simple chunky heel make them great for daytime wear. I will definitely be grabbing myself a pair of these for my holiday!

 photo jeans_zpsbc1c550e.jpg
These jeans have made it onto my wishlist as they would perfectly compliment the above boots! I love boyfriend-style jeans, but have yet to get myself a pair, however I'm glad I waited, the overly distressed look of these really stands out. They're perfect! Boyfriend jeans are a huge trend right now, and can be worn casually with sandals, or dressed up with stiletto heels.

 photo bag_zps14fb6286.jpg
I am totally obsessed with buying bags, and also obsessed with spikes, so when I saw this bag I was overly excited (I was actually grinning like the Cheshire Cat). This bag is definitely for those who have an edgier style, but would look amazing paired with a leather jacket, or a girly lace dress. With two different handles, you could use this as a go-to over the shoulder bag for everyday use, or a clutch for those nights out! It's like two bags in one, which definitely makes buying it a great bargain ;)

 photo dress_zpsfc1f420c.jpg
Every woman should have a little black dress in her wardrobe, so if you haven't got one already, make it this Big Splash dress. I absolutely adore this, and I'm not normally a dress kind of girl. I love the loose fit and button down style as this could look flattering on a lot of different body types. The net panels add a nice detail to an otherwise plain dress and will really get you noticed, and at only £24.94 who can say no!

I share these photos to inspire, and to promote the company/original owner. I by no means claim these photos as my own, all rights remain with the photographer/company, and my intention is not to copy their content. 

Thursday, June 27

DIY: Ring Bracelet;

If you're like me and you have a whole hoarded pile of jewellery somewhere, then this DIY is definitely for you. I'm going to show you how to make use of all the old rings you have lying around, and turn them into a gorgeous new bracelet.

 photo SAM_0392_zps1f64f212.jpg
Things you'll need for this DIY:  Some form of jewellery making pliers, a lobster clasp, a small length of chain, a whole load of jump rings and finally, your collection of old rings.

 photo ca3b5c2e-4107-4826-9a49-d0a6efa77cef_zps35a71f3e.jpg
Step One: Set up your rings in a line to figure out the order of your bracelet. Try not to use rings with overly big attachments on it as this could make it sit awkwardly on your wrist.

 photo rings_zps5636b1ad.jpg
Step Two: I started with two of my favourite rings, as these will be the ones towards the centre of the bracelet, and therefore will be the ones mostly on show. You want to get your jump rings (I used 10 for this project) and start opening them up. Mine where quite thin, so I could easily open them with my hands, if not, this is where your pliers come in.

 photo jumprings_zps78af31e5.jpg
Step Three: With one jump ring, put it through the two rings that you want joined, and them simply close it up. Carry this on through the rest of your rings.

 photo SAM_0402_zps7759edb2.jpg
Step Four: As you're joining up the rings, keep checking the length around your wrist so you get the perfect fit. This was a great length for me, as the lobster clasp and chain still has to be added, so keep this in mind.

 photo lobsterclasp_zps7e008077.jpg
Step Five: Once you've got the length right, you want to add another jump ring onto either end. One we are going to add the chain on to, the other you are going to want to add a lobster clasp (or any other clasp you may want to use) before closing it.

 photo 638f6fb2-f626-4ce0-bce0-3fcf00e91080_zps078a4d72.jpg
Step Six: Finally you're going to want to add some chain to the opposite end from the lobster clasp. This makes it easier to do up, plus means it can be worn larger or tighter. I added quite a bit of chain, but obviously will have to cut the excess off with wire cutters at a later time, before wearing it.

 photo bracelet_zpsc849b486.jpg
Get someone to put it on for you and voila, you have a lovely new bracelet, without having to spend out for it!

I absolutely love this bracelet, it's so original and looks lovely on, it kind of has a boho feel to it, but could easily go with anything. I used rings with charms on which, I think, added a nice detail, but you could easily add your own charms by simply using another jump ring!

Let me know if you all liked this DIY in the comments, and if you would like to see more DIY posts.

Wednesday, June 26

My Holiday Wishlist Featuring: At The Corner Shop;

So I'm off on holiday at the end of June, so of course, I'm using this as an excuse to get new clothes! I happened to find a lovely little online shop called At The Corner Shop (adorable, right?) and couldn't help but pick out a few lovely bits to add to my holiday wishlist, who knows, they could end up in my suitcase!

 photo shorts_zpsb3ad6ff6.jpg
We all need a trusty pair of shorts for the hot weather, and these ones are just adorable! The mustard colour is just gorgeous, and the scallop edge makes these really cute and feminine. These would look perfect with a sheer shirt for going out, or a baggy t-shirt for a daytime look.

 photo bracelet_zps62ee6e42.jpg
Accessories are always a girls best friend, but during Summer, I don't want to be layered down with lots of jewellery. This dainty coin bracelet is perfect, the thin chain and small charm make this really girly and would go great with daytime outfits, or with a floaty dress for the evening.

 photo lacewaistcoat_zps501c2142.jpg
I absolutely LOVE this crochet waistcoat, it is definitely a must have for my holiday! The cropped design makes it perfect for the hot weather, and would look great with pretty much anything. The overall designs and the tassels have a real festival vibe, and will definitely help you look the part.

 photo scarf_zpsb0fe34e1.jpg
Now if any of you are from Britain, you know how unpredictable our Summers can be, one minute the suns out, the next it's pouring with rain. A thin scarf can be the perfect accessory during these times, it's light to carry around when the suns out, and you can quickly whip it on for when it starts getting windy, and the flower pattern is gorgeous!

 photo dress_zpsdddcb2a9.jpg
When I saw this dress I couldn't resist adding it to my wishlist for holiday, it's just perfect. Although black isn't the ideal colour for Summer, the floaty material is perfect and the pleats give this a really feminine look. The layered pleats at the bust are perfect for us flat chested women and this will definitely cover them up! The thing I love most about this dress is that it's perfect for all occasions, add a leather jacket to add an edge during the day, a denim jacket for Summer casual or add a gold chain and heels for a perfect night out. 

 photo necklace_zps41aa600e.jpg
This necklace is just gorgeous for Summer, very dainty and pretty with a gorgeous light jade gemstone bead. This is just a beautiful necklace, and the feather charm is lovely, this would be perfect for both daytime and night time looks!


Tuesday, June 25

My Jeffrey Campbell Collection;

I absolutely LOVE Jeffrey Campbell shoes, they're always so different and they stand out, so this is the start of my little collection. I hope to build it up as time goes on, but some of them are so expensive, and lets face it, as much as I think differently, shoes aren't the most important thing in the world.

HINT! are always having sales on Jeffrey Campbell shoes, so if you love them as much as I do, be sure to check there. They have a sale on right now as well! Now, onto my shoes :)

 photo SilverDetailingBoots_zps04e7898d.jpg
These are definitely my go-to shoes, they are such good quality and really comfortable to wear! They required absolutely no breaking in, so I could wear them straight away, and they really fit in well with my style. I love the pointed toes and the silver detailing really makes them stand out and gives them an almost western feel.

 photo ChainBoots_zps23ba7d94.jpg

I LOVE these boots, I was after a pair of cowboy boots at the time, but decided they wouldn't get a lot of wear due to my style. So when I found these in Office (on sale, yay!) I decided they would be the perfect in-between. They have a 'cowboy' feel, but are perfect for day to day wear.The slight stitching details, the small heel and the antique gold hardware make these a truly gorgeous pair of boots.

 photo PlatformBoots_zpsc97b1b46.jpg

Now these are my more 'out there' pair, they really don't get a lot of wear, but I just could not resist when I saw them for £65! The huge platform and chunky heel really make them stand out, they are so beautiful, my pictures don't do them justice. They are made of a soft, dull leather which will just look more gorgeous with age, and the huge heel make your legs look like they go on forever!

 photo MetallicAnkleBoots_zps8c45bddc.jpg
Again, these are a pair that don't get too much wear, as I'm 5'7'' with these huge heels on I tower over everyone else! But I can't deny their beauty, so all these shoes have a place on my bookshelf! These shoes again, have a very large platform and heel, but the curved design really makes them stand out. The metallic leather is gorgeous and the cut-outs make these edgy but feminine. These are great paired with a floaty dress to add an edgy twist!

I hope you enjoyed my collection, I might even show the other shoes that I have on my bookshelf if anyone is interested.

Have a great day everyone!

Disclaimer; Before I start, I just want to say that I am, in no way, bragging about what I have. Everything you see I have saved up for and bought myself, I just want to share it with you all!
All pictures were taken by me and copyright belongs to refusetoconformblog

Monday, June 24


White Out

I am totally loving this trend of white on white, so I thought I would put together the perfect white Summer outfit.

I absolutely love the cropped shirt from Farfetch, it's so classic but with a modern twist and will go with just about everything! The sleeveless and cropped design also mean it's perfect for when it's boiling hot outside. Of course, I finished it off with an iPhone and Starbucks, because none of us are complete without those in our lives! Haha

I've kept everything in this outfit very minimal and sleek, which I think works great with the all white colouring. Wearing white also makes your skin look more tan,  so it's great to accentuate what you've gained!

Saturday, June 22

Saturday Steal; Get Rihanna's Style

Get the Celeb Look; Rihanna

We all love ourselves some Rihanna! Despite the amount of bad press she has had recently, we can still sit back and enjoy her style.

I love, love, love the pairing of boyfriend jeans and heels, so this outfit definitely gets a thumbs up from me. I found the holographic top a little too in your face for my style, but I believe my alternative of the striped top gives you a more subtle look.

Keep checking back for more celeb style steals! Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas of who I should grab the style of next.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, June 21

Top 5 Topshop Summer Picks;

 photo kimono_zpscfb37fdb.jpg
I absolutely love this kimono! The sheer fabric means it's perfect for Summer weather, but will provide a little  coverage, whether walking around, or even at the beach. The detailing is what makes this stand out for me however, the aztec pattern is really on trend and the colours are just gorgeous; This is definitely on my holiday wishlist.

 photo shoes_zpsaedde2ec.jpg
Ahhh I'm in love! If you don't already know, I am a huge lover of Jeffrey Campbell, and these flatforms totally have that feel to them. Get these for an edgier alternative to basic sandals, as they'd look great with anything. The flatform will give you extra height, whilst staying comfortable all day long!

 photo leggings_zpsb94fcab9.jpg
I cannot believe I spotted these leggings in Topshop; I've loved Black Milk leggings for a while now, but can't afford the price tag. The stain glass print of these are pretty similar to the Cathedral Black Milk leggings, and at only £25 I cannot say no! These leggings are a gorgeous material and feel so light and comfortable, so they're definitely great for Summer.

 photo bag_zps625d8737.jpg
This duffle bag is prefect for me for Summer, I hate carrying bags on my arms so a backpack is a great option. But gone are the days when backpacks were just for hiking, the gorgeous colour, pattern and duffle bag style make this an amazing accessory for everyday use. Or swap out your normal stuff for a towel and sun cream and use as a perfect beach bag!

 photo jumpsuit_zps9948fd26.jpg
Summer Playsuit
For those of you who want something simple and easy for the hot weather, then this gorgeous playsuit is definitely it. I know floral gets widely overdone during the hotter seasons, but I believe the colours of this playsuit really make it stand out. Pair with a denim jacket and sandals for the day, then swap out to nude heels for a gorgeous daytime look. Perfect!

Friday Inspiration;

Floras blogg - fotografi och fantasi.

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Ashe MacCumhaill Crestfall | via Tumblr
Head scarf

Thursday, June 20

Karl Lagerfeld Goes Cartoon;

Fashion idol Karl Lagerfeld has gone oh-so cute and cartoony in his new out game!

Weird, right? Although the game is in French (no idea is there is an English version) it is fun to play, for novelty reasons.

Check it out over at and try to remove his glasses!

Instagram Comes to Real Life!;

We have all been sucked into the worldwide craze that is Instagram, there's just something about snapping quick pics and adding gorgeous effects that is addictive. So when I heard about Instagram coming to real life, I was more than a little interested.

The real life Instagram camera was originially only a concept product, but after recently being backed by Polaroid, we hopefully be seeing these on our shelves next year, along with camera bags, filters, lenses and more!

This small handheld device takes pictures, much like any digital camera, but then allows you to add all of the much-loved Instagram effects. Even better, you can now print out your Instagram images straight from the camera, on a sticky back sheet, with space to write much like a post-it. 

The trend of having an 'Instagram wall' full of photos you have snapped has quickly spread, and now with this invention it makes things a lot easier. I will definitely be waiting in line to grab myself one of these, with a mix of modern day technology, gorgeous Instagram effects, and the nostalgia of Polaroid pictures, I can see this product quickly being sold out!