Tuesday, June 11

Festival Fashion is Finally Here!;

Festival Fashion!

Summer is finally here (despite what the weather is saying) and with it comes the much loved music festivals! A time  where you spend days on end getting covered in beer and mud (and we all know what else) and no one showers.

But despite this, festivals can be seen as a fashion show for the music lovers, everyone is wearing the latest trends, and everyone's trying to look their best. So I've put together the perfect festival outfit; it's fun, bright and light enough if you're lucky to get some sun! Of course the flower headband is always a must have.

Word of warning though, if you're heading to a hardcore festival like Glastonbury, I'd opt out of the sandals or you'll be leaving with a bunch of broken toes (OUCH).

Are any of you heading off to an up and coming festival? And what is your go-to festival get up? Let me know!

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