Wednesday, June 12

Get Over Those Mid-Week Blues;

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We've all had those times when, by Wednesday evening, we're exhausted. You've already done 3 days work, and you still have another 2 before the weekend! So how do you recoup your energy and get over the mid-week blues.

For me, I find that just having a totally chilled night in is perfect. Get into your lounge clothes, cuddle up with your favourite pillow with a cup of hot chocolate and watch your favourite sitcom. Surround yourself with all your favourite things, having a laugh at Friends and just relaxing will really help to reduce stress and get your pumped and ready for the rest of the week. A nice bubble bath and a early night are always amazing for these times!

What's your way of relaxing mid-week? Do you prefer a chilled night in, or do you go out with friends to help wind down? Let me know!

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