Thursday, June 20

Instagram Comes to Real Life!;

We have all been sucked into the worldwide craze that is Instagram, there's just something about snapping quick pics and adding gorgeous effects that is addictive. So when I heard about Instagram coming to real life, I was more than a little interested.

The real life Instagram camera was originially only a concept product, but after recently being backed by Polaroid, we hopefully be seeing these on our shelves next year, along with camera bags, filters, lenses and more!

This small handheld device takes pictures, much like any digital camera, but then allows you to add all of the much-loved Instagram effects. Even better, you can now print out your Instagram images straight from the camera, on a sticky back sheet, with space to write much like a post-it. 

The trend of having an 'Instagram wall' full of photos you have snapped has quickly spread, and now with this invention it makes things a lot easier. I will definitely be waiting in line to grab myself one of these, with a mix of modern day technology, gorgeous Instagram effects, and the nostalgia of Polaroid pictures, I can see this product quickly being sold out!

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