Sunday, June 2

Mum, I want a dog!;

So I understand that this post is not going to be about fashion, but I would like to start focusing more on just this blog, and leave my others alone for a while. As fashion is my main interest this is the blog I am choosing to carry on with, but I also want to just talk about daily life! I don't want my writing to suffer just because I've taken on too much. So I'm starting fresh with just this blog.

I'm sure you've all gone through the point of wanting a pet at some point in your lives; unfortunately I am stuck at this point right now. I say unfortunately, as at 19, I still live with my mum, which means she's the boss, and the decision is down to her!

 photo IMG_0173_zpsdc6d932a.jpg
(My cat, Kiera)

So throughout my life, I've only ever had a cat, and I absolutely love her! But she is just so moody; as a typical cat is, I only get hugs when she wants to, and I basically get used as a cushion. So now I'm stuck in this phase where I want a puppy, I absolutely love animals, and am always willing to give my undivided attention, so a dog to play with is just what I am looking for.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not the kind of girl who just wants a cute puppy and then will get bored as it grows older, I understand the responsibilities and I actually get excited at the prospect of being able to train and form the perfectly behaved dog.

I am after a Japanese Spitz, I've researched them, and found a great breeder.. I am now just trying to make my mum come around to the idea! 

Wilson the Japanese Spitz Pictures 12528

Have any of you had to persuade a parent to let you have a pet? How did you go about it, and did it work!?
Let me know!

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