Tuesday, June 4

My Summer Love;

My Summer Love; by refusetoconform

We all know that when Summer comes around, and the hot weather begins that it's time to strip off! Well.. Not literally, but we start swapping out our jeans for shorts and our boots for sandals.

During this time I always see people walking around in exercise shorts and flip flops, (not that there is anything wrong with this) but we shouldn't forget about style, just because we want to stay cool.

This outfit shows how you can stay cool in the sun, but stay in style!
Basic outfits go perfectly with statement accessories, the gold accents on the sandals will go perfect with your new summer tan and the bracelet will look gorgeous as an upper arm cuff.

Keep your makeup natural (no one likes running foundation) and stick with a simple winged eye-liner and a bit of lip balm to keep those lips kissable! Oh, and don't forget that SPF, there's nothing more unattractive than turning bright red.

Stay safe in the sun, and enjoy it while you can!

Items shown;
Tracy Bracelet
Sagittarius Ring
Stila Eyeliner
Levi Denim Shorts
Cheap Monday Tank

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