Wednesday, July 3

How I Style Denim;

Demonstrate Your Denim Jacket Style

This Summer, denim is definitely on trend (though, when is it not?) Whether it's denim shorts, shirts or jackets that you wear, we all love to include denim into our wardrobe. You can dress it up or down, and it goes with just about everything!

So I out together this outfit to show how I style denim during the warmer seasons. I picked out this denim jacket as I love how the 'hoody-style' lining gives it more of a grunge feel. I paired it with a patterned jumpsuit, to keep it fun and Summery, these gorgeous sandals from H&M, some basic accessories, and a clutch bag (though you could swap this out if a clutch isn't your thing.)

As it's Summer keep your make-up simple, just some eye liner, mascara and lip balm will do, and you're ready to go!

I can definitely see this as an everyday, go-to outfit (minus the clutch), so make sure you have some form of denim in your wardrobe this season!

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