Monday, July 22

How I Style: Ombré Necklaces;

We've seen the ombré trend everywhere recently, from dresses, to hair, to nails.. and now we're seeing the trend reach necklaces! I have always loved the ombré trends, so I'm going to show you how I'd style the top trend this Summer.

How Do You Style Ombré Necklaces?

For a casual day to day look, go for this gorgeous blue ombré necklace, and pair with a darker vest top to really show off the colours. I am a big fan of denim shorts and Dr. Martens, so of course that's my go-to look, then I've added a few final accessories to complete the look and complement the necklaces colours. I love the look of wearing a bandanna in your hair, and it's prefect for keeping all your locks out of your face when it's hot outside. Perfect!

How Do You Style Ombré Necklaces?

How Do You Style Ombré Necklaces? by refusetoconform 

If you're looking for a more out-there style, and want to rock two top trends at once, then this look is for you. Neon is also a big trend this Summer, so I could not resist the charms of the neon ombré necklace. I chose a futuristic look for this outfit, so I paired it with a sleeveless shirt dress and these gorgeous Jennifer Chou shoes to compliment the colour. Keep in mind, if you're going to to wear neon, keep the colour to a few key accessories, and keep the rest of the outfit subtle. Less is definitely more.

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