Thursday, July 18

How I Style: Rompers;

Rompers.. Jumpsuits, no matter what you call them, they are everywhere this Season! Here are a few ways I'd style jumpsuits for the perfect go-to outfit for a Summer day out.

Romper Style

I love how this jumpsuit has short sleeves and a collar, instead of being totally sleeveless, and the pattern is gorgeous! Pair with plain white sandals so you don't overdo things with colours and patterns.

Romper Style; Neon Accents

With neon accents being another huge trend this Summer, I couldn't resist mixing a bit in! For a subtle neon style opt for this romper that has a neon belt, and pair with only a few subtle neon accessories. This is trend that can look awful if you go over the top, so keep it simple! 

Romper Style

This romper makes the perfect seaside look, with nautical colours and rope accessories, you'll definitely look the part! Add a large bag for all your beach essentials, a straw hat, and don't forget to be safe and pack sun cream.  

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  1. Love that first lace Topshop romper!