Thursday, July 11

The Best Swimsuit For Your Shape & Size;

Do you have problems finding the perfect swimsuit to suit your body shape? Do you have no idea when your body shape is!? This I may be able to help you, I've found a few gorgeous swimsuits that will help you look your best this Summer, no matter your shape or size!

Straight and Slender; photo tigerswimsuit_zps9cb90c62.jpg

If you have a slender body and lack of curves, then you're what we like to call an athletic body shape, this simply means your hips, waist and shoulders are all about the same size. If you've ever felt self concious at the beach, surrounded by curvaceous women, then this swimsuit is definitely for you. 
The cut out sides follow the natural shape of a curvy waist, this makes us focus on that shape and gives you some quick and easy curves. The bold tiger print, right at the smallest point, also helps to keep our eye on the waist, meaning your chest and hips will automatically look bigger! 

Itty Bitty Titty Committee; photo pleatbikini_zpse2635001.jpg

If you are lacking in the *ahem* chest area, then the thought of putting on a tiny bikini could having you dreading the Summer, but fear not! This gorgeous bikini has a pleated panel across the top; This means that the fall of the fabric adds that much needed volume and shape that you want in that area. The beautiful crochet design will also help to take attention away from your small assets and the halter neck strap will help broaden your chest area all helping to create a beautiful womanly shape.

Big Bangers and Broad Shoulders; photo polkadotbikini_zps9dc70865.jpg

You may be lucky enough to be blessed with a large, full chest, or may simply have broad shoulders; If this is the case then you are considered top heavy, this means your top half is larger that your hips. To help even out your body shape it's a great idea to get bikini bottoms with a high leg (as this will make your legs look longer) and a pleated peplum, to add volume to your hips; The peplum also helps hide any lumps and bumps you may have there. For those big bangers, your may concern is support, so definitely go for an underwired top or a swimsuit with a bust shelf, a halter neck will also help to give a little more support here, but go for wider set straps if broad shoulders are your main focus. Most importantly though, don't hide them away! If you're lucky enough to have bountiful assets then show them off a little.. but I do mean a little (there are limits haha!)

Curvaceous Hips; photo scallopedswimsuit_zps4da12bde.jpg

I fall within this category of pear shaped, this means your bottom half, is larger than your top. So if you have that gorgeous JLo bum or Beyonce thighs, then this includes you! There is nothing wrong with having larger thighs, and getting them out, will actually look sexier than trying to hide them away. The black bottom of this swimsuit helps to slim down your bottom half, while the white top half helps to keep your attention up there, plus broaden the top half, to even you out. Mix with a halter neck to broaden your shoulders, and the line at the centre to focus your attention on the smallest part of your body, and you will definitely look fab this Summer!

Tummy Troubles; photo tummycontrol_zps56f9ce78.jpg

Now when Summer comes around, we all have have a big panic about the little extra weight we put on over the Winter months. So if you're carrying a little extra weight around the stomach area, then a swimsuit with a tummy control panel is a life saver. The extra mesh panel will help to flatten and smooth out your stomach, whilst the high back helps hide and lumps and bumps you may have there. The ruching detail looks lovely, but also helps aid the tummy control to cover up and hide that little bit of extra weight.

So no matter the shape or size of your body, there is definitely the perfect swimsuit out there for all of you, and we can all look great this Summer!
Let me know which body shape you are, and which is your favourite swimsuit from above!

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