Friday, August 30

Back To School Style;

Back To School Backpacks;

It's back to school time! You heard it, the Summer has gone so fast, and now everyone is heading off to a new yeaer, a new school, college.. whatever it is you're going back to! I know everyone goes back at different times, but around here, the kids start heading back to school next week.

So obviously (if you're not stuck wearing a school uniform) you'll be planning your back to school/college outfit, and I thought I'd get in on the action. I am not going back to education this year, but it's still fun planning an outfit.

For your first day back you can't go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans, and a cute pair of flats are a must have. Please, don't be that person that wears ridiculous shoes into school and then is in pain all day. I love this sleeveless shirt with the outfit as it's sporty yet chic, and I think it's just casual enough to be perfect for school. 

Add a trusty backpack, much more functional than a handbag and also totally in style this year, a statement necklace to add a pop of colour, and keep the make up soft and simple with just a little eye-liner.

So what will you all be wearing back to school or college? If you are at school, are you stuck wearing a uniform? 

Thursday, August 29

Fall Fashion: How To Style Chelsea Boots;

Untitled #130

I absolutely love the Chelsea boot trend, and we'll definitely still be seeing it this Autumn; So this is how I would style Chelsea boots this season.

You can never beat a classic pair of jeans (with turn ups to show off those gorgeous boots) to pair up with, and a light baggy t-shirt to keep the look casual. This is definitely a day to day look, so we're mixing comfort with style, as that is what Chelsea boots offer you.

Add a beautiful aviator jacket and a small over the shoulder satchel and you're ready to go! I'd pair with neutral coloured make up, to complement the colours of the outfit, and to keep the 'woodsy' feel, I found this cute little acorn necklace to add the finishing detail!

Now for this outfit, I have used a very expensive pair of Chelsea boots as the colour was simply gorgeous, but of course, there are loads of places out there that sell reasonably priced Chelsea boots, so make sure you have a look around.

Wednesday, August 28

Fall Fashion: Stylish Headwear;

There was one thing I missed as the Spring rolled around.. Being able to wear my beanie! I basically lived in that thing the whole Autumn and Winter. So as Fall is coming around again, it's time to dig out those hats again and wear them! Nothing can complete an outfit like a good hat can, so these are just a few hat trends that you might want to look out for this Fall.

 photo beanies_zps221f6b93.png
Of course, the beanie! This trend became huge last year, and we'll still be seeing this trend hit large this year, so jump on board (whilst keeping your head nice and toasty) and grab yourself one of these gorgeous hats.

Ragged Priest have some amazing pieces, but one of my favourites has to be this black beanie with metal plating (1), it's so simple, but looks great. If you want a bit more colour go for this beautiful cable knit beanie (2) from ASOS, the colours are just gorgeous, and would look amazing paired up with a minimalistic outfit. Of course for those of you looking for something a little more simple, but still fun, go for this faux fur pom pom beanie (3); The natural colours will allow you to pair this with anything, and it looks so cute on.

 photo truckercap_zpsf012096b.png
Next head trend are these flat peak caps/trucker hats/snapbacks.. whatever you choose to call them! A huge trend throughout the Summer, I don't think these are limited to hot weather, and we'll definitely still be seeing them throughout Fall. Whether you want to go for your classic writing design, with a little leopard twist (4+6), or you want to go for something a little more out there with tapestry and faux leather (5) you're going to look amazing regardless, as these hats suit pretty much everyone.

 photo fedora_zps6614cea7.png
Finally, one of my favourite Fall trends overall, the wide brim fedora (7). The fedora is such a classic style, and if you choose to buy one, it will be a timeless piece that will see you through many years. 

You can't beat a classic black, so I love this one by Catarzi Exclusive to ASOS, and with these I think it's better to spend out a little more as I've found the cheaper ones lose shape easier, or simply don't look right at all. This is the perfect outfit to add an edge to any girly outfit, or to complete that dark bohemian look.

Which headwear trends are you loving for this Fall?

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Tuesday, August 27

DIY: Spike Cap;

Okay, so this Summer I saw a lot of spiked caps about, but a lot of them where a little more expensive than I'd like to pay. Then I thought really, how hard can it be to make one, and I thought I'd share it with everyone!

   photo spikehat4_zps354a645c.jpg
First you're going to need to get: A pencil, a ruler (but I used a tape measure as I found it was easier), some STRONG glue, and some spikes.. and of course the cap, or hat that you want to use!

(Note: I chose to glue my spikes on because the screws that they attached too were too short to fit through the brim of the cap, however if your would fit, and you choose to do it this way then still follow my steps. When I choose to glue on the spikes, you will just have to make a hole and screw them on instead!)

 photo Spikehat_zps2e86ca57.jpg
Okay, so grab the cap, hat or item of clothing that you want to add spikes to, and you're going to want to find the middle. I did this by using a tape measure, and running it down from the centre fold in the hat, this will be centre of the peak round about, but make sure you're happy with it before you move on to the next step.

 photo spikehat2_zps01191763.jpg
Once you've marked the centre with your pencil, (you can make these marks lighter so they're easier to rub off, but I did them darker so you can see) you're then going to want to figure out how far apart you want the spikes and then just mark this across the brim too.

I then measured 1cm in from the edge and placed a dot, this is where my spike will sit. Remember the width of the base of your spikes when you're measuring out where they should go. After this, you can just add a drop of your strong glue to both the hat and the spike, then just place it down, holding it for about 20 seconds to let it set, before letting go.

 photo spikehat3_zpse98a72aa.jpg
Keep gluing the spikes all the way around the brim, keeping your eye on making sure they're all straight. Then you are done! Yay! You've made your self a perfectly nice spike hat, for pretty cheap. I found both the cap and spikes on Ebay, so everything was on a budget.

You can add as many spikes to your hat as you want to customise it, but remember how heavy it's going to make it, as you're going to want it to be wearable!

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial, and if any of you out there decide to try making this, I'd love it if you would send me pictures to my Twitter @NovaAlexxander!

Friday, August 23

They're Taking Over The World: One Direction Cosmetics;

So I'm one of the people who neither love, nor hate, One Direction. I do not understand why they have become so big, but they're all pretty good singers, so good on them for getting this far. However, things are now becoming a little ridiculous; First it was the 1D movie.. and now, they have a line of cosmetics. Yeah, you heard me right.

 photo onedirection_zpsa9c4ee57.jpg

So obviously 1D have had nothing to do with this cosmetic line what so ever, they've just put their name to it. But they could have least come up with colours that somewhat resembled each member (though I can totally see Harry Styles loving hot pink). I am loving the emerald green colour though, and at only £3 from Superdrug, it's pretty good value.

 photo onedirectioncosmetics_zpsf4259bd3.jpg

Plus, if the nail polish just isn't enough for you, they have One Direction make up products on sale too! How lovely.. (not) But in all seriousness the lipsticks are actually quite nice colours, the lip balms come in a variety of colours and flavours and the blush stick has a nice glow to it. Again, everything in this range is £3, with the lip balms at £2.50, so they're pretty good if you're just starting out with make up, or if you're looking for something on a budget. A nice touch is also featuring the signature of each member on their shade of lipstick and balm, much like the MAC Viva Glam products. 

So if you're a total One Direction fanatic, then you're definitely going to want to grab some of these products before they're all sold out, and lets face it, with the amount of people who fan girl over the boy band, this range probably wont be in stock for long.

Thursday, August 22

Filofax: The Peru Review;

So I've had this review written for quite a while now, and it was originally up on a different blog of mine. However, that blog has now gone for good, and a lot of people seemed to find this post helpful, so I thought I'd repost it here for everyone!

I was sent this by Filofax, so thank you for this opportunity, and I would just like to say how great the service and contact I got was, and the fast delivery was amazing!
Now, onto the Peru!

 photo 1_zps03db068a.jpg
I fell in this with this organiser as soon as I got my hands on it! The pattern is so gorgeous, and definitely one for the fashion savvy. The contrast of the bright colours against the black is really bold, and the leather feel material makes this Filofax feel really expensive, when really, it only costs £30! Totally worth it if you ask me.

To me, the greatest thing about the Peru, is the magnetic cover. Something so simple, is actually so useful; If you have your hands full or are in a rush, the magnetic front, is so easy and quick to use. You can just flip it open, then flip it back closed, so much easier than messing around with press studs!
 photo 2_zps83d7a5c6.jpg
Lets move on to how the Filofax works on the inside. In personal size (and available in pocket) with 23mm rings, the Peru is the perfect on-the-go organiser, I found that this was perfect to carry around in my bag and use on an everyday basis to keep track of my blogs!

As this Filofax has no specific spine, it is quite easy to train it to lie flat straight away, a definite must need! The pen loop is also a must have and holds my Bic biro perfectly. Now down to the inserts, you get your typical diary pages running till December 2014 (handy!), your contacts, to-do lists, and writing paper. But I was greatly surprised by the top opening envelope and timetable pages, which definitely came in handy to plan when I was meant to be writing blogs!

Overall this is a great organiser, the pattern is so cute and will brighten up your day, and the size is perfect for the girl on the move. The inserts are a great size to write on, the rings are big enough to fit in everything you will need, and the magnetic closure is quick and easy!

If this sounds like something you're interested in, or if you just want to go and check out the company, Filofax, then just click the link below.

Wednesday, August 21

Back To School In Style: Backpacks;

It's back; The dreaded time where the Summer holidays are over and it's time to make your way back into the classrooms. I'm obviously talking about everyone going back to school, and whether you're just starting a new year, or starting at a new school all together, it can be a bit depressing after such a long holiday.

So to make things just a little more fun for your first day back, I've put together a bunch of gorgeous backpacks that you're definitely going to want to grab! 
 photo backpacks_zpsc95ea238.jpg

I absolutely love the patterned BooHoo backpack as the colours are just so bright an fun, and you can't beat the cute landmark print as seen from ModCloth. Keeping on the same line as fun colours and prints, this Herschel Supply backpack is a definite keeper, the two clashing prints, paired with the neutral backdrop makes this perfect for everyday use, but is definitely not boring!

I love the ASOS backpack for this season, as the dark colours just remind me of Fall, but of course, this kind of style in timeless. I also could not resist this adorable crocodile print backpack from Cath Kidston; Firstly because it's just so cute, and secondly, because they could easily be alligators, and that's how we do it on the swap (50 points for you if you got the Grav3yardGirl quote!)

However my all time favourite, and the backpack I would choose (if I was still at school) has got to be this stunning, studded one from BooHoo. Not only is the shape a bit different, but it is also SO big, so plenty of rooms for your books and thing! The black and gold is a definite classic combination, which won't grow old, and the studs and straps add a bit of an edge, which you otherwise might not be able to get with a school backpack.

What backpack do you like the best? And when do you all go back to school!? I know it's different times for everyone, but regardless, enjoy your first day back!

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ModCloth landmark backpack
ASOS canvas backpack
Cath Kidston crocodile backpack
Herschel Supply Co. backpack

Monday, August 19

Love or Leave: Nasty Gal x Jeffrey Campbell;

 photo Jeffreycampbell_zps69f1f381.png
We all need a go-to pair of heeled ankle boots for the Autumn and I am definitely in love with these Nasty Gal x Jeffrey Campbell ones. With a plain and simple style, but featuring a buckle detail and chunky heel it's the perfect everyday boots, and the distressed brown is just gorgeous!  photo jeffreycampbellxnastygal_zpse245d78c.png
Another pick from Nasty Gal x Jeffrey Campbell are these amazing pixel cutout boots. The soft leather makes these boots perfectly comfortable for everyday wear, and looks beautiful! Featuring a Dr Martens style structure, but with it's own twist, I have definitely fallen in love. 

So are you loving, or leaving, these gorgeous boots? Do you love the collaboration between Nasty Gal and Jeffrey Campbell? I know I certainly do!

Friday, August 16

Alexander McQueen: Forever The King Of Fashion;

Freak On A Leash.

Freak On A Leash. by refusetoconform

I am a huge fan of the work of Alexander McQueen, always have, and I will always remember it. Although Sarah Burton is, of course, carrying on the label, it will never be the same.

McQueen had such a passion about what he did and he truly revolutionised the fashion industry; but enough sad talk about the past! Lets focus on the gorgeous pieces of clothing you can still get from the McQueen brand, like these leggings! I am a total legging fiend, on a day-to-day basis, I spend my life in them so of course I was completely drawn in by these Kaleidoscope beetle print ones.

Yes, I am aware that this collection came out quite a while ago, but lets face it, their timeless, right? They have that beautiful grunge feel, so I'd pair them with a crop top, block heel creepers and the totally on trend  circular glasses. Although this outfit is plain and simple, I really think the leggings turn it into something much more than that, and you are bound to get noticed.

Add some complementing jewellery, navy nail polish and some eye-liner and you're ready to go and will look great whether at a party, or simply shopping.

What's your favourite Alexander McQueen piece? Do you think that Sarah Burton can carry on the trend in all it's glory? I'd love to know!

Thursday, August 15

Beauty How-To: Ombre Nails;

 photo nailpolish_zpsec365859.png
Okay, so I've spoken about ombre over here on my blog before, and I am well and truly in love with it. I have done ombre nails before, with bright green summery colours, but as Fall is drawing closer, I thought I'd do it again with darker colours (my favourite!). I used Barry M Basecoat & Topcoat, Barry M Silver Nail Effect and Makeup Academy Black polish. I mean, who doesn't like black and silver paired together?

 photo silvernails2_zps9836ef48.png
You want to start with the lightest colour underneath to get the best effect; but don't forget to put a basecoat on first! You'll then want to apply one or two layers, depending on coverage, of your chosen colour, in my case, the Barry M silver.

Before you move on, you're going to want to make sure this layer is BONE DRY, this is very important! I made this mistake the first time trying this out, and left my nails a little tacky when moving on to the next step and I got in a right state. Everything smudges and gets pulled off, so don't make the same mistake.

 photo ombrenails_zps9efb24b3.png
Next you're going to want to get something, I used a plastic folder sleeve, to place your nail polish on.
This is the important bit, brush a little bit of each polish onto the surface, directly next to each other. Then get a cocktail stick (or anything else for that matter) and blur together the definitive lines; This is what will help give that gradient ombre effect.

Now it comes to the slightly tricky part, take an eyeshadow applicator (cheap to buy from any highstreet store) or you could use a sponge, and run it through the polish, making sure to get both colours. Then simply take your applicator, position it so the darker colour sits at the tip of your nail, and just dabbing it across your nails. By doing it this way, you really have control on how large the ombre effect will be and how dark the tip will be. This can take a little time to begin with, and it does take patience to get it perfect, so don't try it for the first time before a big night out! After you have the darker nail polish sponged across the tip of your nail, make sure it's blurred into the lighter shade, and then simply add a layer of topcoat, which will help to further blend it out.

 photo ombrenails2_zpsa4f65aa0.png
Do this for all of the nails, and you're done! It really is simple once you know what you're doing, it just takes a little practice (and a steady hand) to get the colours blurred together perfectly. But once you get the hang of it, you can try a bunch of different colours variations and create some gorgeous looking nails!

If anyone decides to try this, I'd love if you would tweet me pictures @NovaAlexxander, so that I can see what colours you all choose to use! 

Wednesday, August 14

Summer To Fall Fashion: Moto Jackets;

Summer to Fall: Moto Jackets

As much as we hate to admit it, Fall is on it's way, and Summer is out! So it's time to bust out your jeans and jackets again (I have to admit, I can't wait to be able to wear my leather jacket again).

This season moto jackets are the perfect in-between item, just enough to keep you warm without being too hot, and lets face it, they look amazing. I always go for more 'edgier' looks, and a moto jacket can turn any outfit into just that; simply pair with a tank top and a pair of jeans and you're ready to go.

I love this Opening Ceremony moto jacket from Harvey Nichols, with contrast canvas sleeves, it's bound to get you noticed, and the colour is just gorgeous! Of course at £705, this is definitely something I'm just going to have to lust after.

But if you want to dress the trend, then I have found some other gorgeous moto jackets, at much more affordable prices!

 photo Motojacket_zpsa2c1b24b.jpg

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