Tuesday, August 6

Accessories To Make You Stand Out: The Bad;

Accessories To Make You Stand Out: The Bad

Now you've seen the good accessories, but these are on the opposite end of the scale completely. I mean I don't even have to comment on the idea of fish flip-flops (3).. they so wouldn't go with my Topshop jeans. The flip-flops are just a bit silly, but I really don't understand the point of the rest.

A a contact lens (1) that allows a wire hook with gems to hang from your eye? Erm.. No thank you, that sounds so uncomfortable! And talking of uncomfortable, they now sell jewellery that distorts the face (4), and basically makes you look a little out of this world.

Finally we have the ring made out of teeth (2), that's right.. they're real human teeth embedded in that ring. Sounds gross right? But despite the fact this item has made it's way onto my bad list (for the simple fact that it's a little gross), I actually quite like the look of it! It's really unusual and has a certain charm to it.

Is that weird? Do you also think the tooth ring looks good, or does the idea of real human parts put you off completely?

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