Wednesday, August 7

Accessories To Make You Stand Out: The Ugly;

Accessories To Make You Stand Out: The Ugly

The ugly world of accessories.. Gross, right? From everything to vagina necklaces (3), to hair bracelets (1) and road kill bags (4), it's enough to make you rethink the whole idea of accessorising an outfit. The fox back is so disgusting and creepy, and even though the fox wasn't killed for the purpose of the bag, it's still chilling to carry it around.

Now don't even get me started on the face distorting jewellery (2) and the eye implants (5), I've been told both of these are actual trends and I cannot believe it! Why would you want to wrap a piece of wire around your head, that is going to dig in and distort your face, I don't understand the meaning behind this.. Is it just standing out for the sake of it? The eye implants are just something different all together, they cut open the thin membrane over your eye and slide in a 'pretty' shape of your choice. I don't think I even have to comment on this, we're all thinking the same thing!

Out of all these ugly accessories I must say that the vagina necklaces are definitely my favourite, although I don't exactly want to see women's genitalia dangling from peoples necks, it is a pretty funny accessory. Plus the designer behind them has a beautiful story about why she decided to start making them, starting with how she used to be quite shy and self-conscious. 

Which is your favourite out of the bunch? Which do you think is the most disgusting and ugly?

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