Tuesday, August 13

Dress The Trend For Less: Insect Jewellery;

Dress The Trend For Less; Insect Jewellery

We've all seen insect jewellery buzzing around this season (pun intended! haha) and it has definitely become a current trend that I love.

I absolutely hate insects, but there is something oddly appealing about gold coloured cicadas as earrings. Of course, if you don't like the literal take on the trend, this handmade insect necklace I found is a beautiful alternative!

When first looking at insect jewellery, I could not find ANYTHING that was reasonably priced, everything cost about £1000. I know I love fashion, but sometimes it's just ridiculous, so I went on a mission to dress the insect trend for less.

Thankfully Etsy came through (as always). Jamie Spinello, who hand makes metal jewellery, has a shop on Etsy, where I managed to find the insect necklace, along with loads more gorgeous designs. With that specific piece selling for only £23.23, I had to get one! The cicada earrings also came from a lovely little Etsy shop, Chain Chain Chained, run by Regina, who's blog you can check out here.

Do you love the insect jewellery trend? If so, how would you style it?

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