Friday, August 23

They're Taking Over The World: One Direction Cosmetics;

So I'm one of the people who neither love, nor hate, One Direction. I do not understand why they have become so big, but they're all pretty good singers, so good on them for getting this far. However, things are now becoming a little ridiculous; First it was the 1D movie.. and now, they have a line of cosmetics. Yeah, you heard me right.

 photo onedirection_zpsa9c4ee57.jpg

So obviously 1D have had nothing to do with this cosmetic line what so ever, they've just put their name to it. But they could have least come up with colours that somewhat resembled each member (though I can totally see Harry Styles loving hot pink). I am loving the emerald green colour though, and at only £3 from Superdrug, it's pretty good value.

 photo onedirectioncosmetics_zpsf4259bd3.jpg

Plus, if the nail polish just isn't enough for you, they have One Direction make up products on sale too! How lovely.. (not) But in all seriousness the lipsticks are actually quite nice colours, the lip balms come in a variety of colours and flavours and the blush stick has a nice glow to it. Again, everything in this range is £3, with the lip balms at £2.50, so they're pretty good if you're just starting out with make up, or if you're looking for something on a budget. A nice touch is also featuring the signature of each member on their shade of lipstick and balm, much like the MAC Viva Glam products. 

So if you're a total One Direction fanatic, then you're definitely going to want to grab some of these products before they're all sold out, and lets face it, with the amount of people who fan girl over the boy band, this range probably wont be in stock for long.


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