Friday, September 27

How To Style Monochrome for Casual, Smart and Night;

If you read my blog, you'll know that I am obsessed with monochrome at the moment. You'll also know that I did a 'how to style' for the tartan trend, and you all seemed to enjoy it, so I thought I'd do one for monochrome.

Casual Look
Monochrome: Day Wear

Monochrome is such an easy look to style and achieve. For my casual look I've kept it really simple and laid back by pairing a loose t-shirt with some white jeans and a black rucksack. The striped slipper shoes are what really makes this outfit pop, they're simply beautiful, and the pattern adds a little dimension to an otherwise blank outfit.

Smart Wear
Monochrome: Work Wear

As shown in the casual outfit above, I have kept this smart outfit simple, with only one bold piece to bring it all together nicely. These amazing monochrome polka dot trousers are to die for, and by pairing them with a classic white shirt and some loafers you kept the perfect work wear look, without being boring.

Night Out Outfit
Monochrome: Night Out

For the night out outfit I made it a little bolder, as it's all about standing out and having fun. I chose some monochrome stripe trousers and a matching clutch bag, paired with a bra top (for a little fun) and some white heels. To finish off the look, I added a pop of colour with a bold dark red lip, and some nail polish and add just a thin line of eyeliner to give your eyes some dimension. 

What's your favourite monochrome look? Let me know!

Wednesday, September 25

Monochrome Madness With High Street Prices;

Now the weathers getting colder, I know longer feel like wearing bright summery colours and I've moved on towards monochrome outfits. I thought this trend was kind of dying out by now, but online shops are still thriving with monochrome pieces, so I thought I'd put together a list of my top monochrome pieces, only at high street prices (no designer clothes here!)

 photo Monochrome_zpscfa60c27.jpg
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
I could not believe the amount of amazing monochrome pieces that I found so these are just a few of my top favourites. These (6) striped court heels from Missguided are definitely my favourite, I am so in love with them, and at only £24.99 they are definitely a steal! Also from Missguided is this gorgeous (5) monochrome blazer featuring a sleek, modern style.

To rock the monochrome trend full on, grab yourself this check dress from Asos, just pair with some black heels and you'll be ready to go. Now the weather is a lot colder, you might also be in need of this (2) chunky knit scarf (which has definitely made it's way onto my wishlist.

For a more subtle look you could choose this (3) block monochrome tshirt, or even this cute (4) little clutch featuring the slogan 'Almost Designer', witty and pretty and I'm loving it! My personal favourite monochrome cutch, however, is this gorgeous (1) striped clutch from Boohoo for only £14! Perfect for any night out.

Are you caught up in this monochrome madness at the moment? What's your favourite monochrome piece? Let me know!

Monday, September 23

Get The Look: Street Style at NYFW;

As I'm sure you'll all know New York Fashion Week happened from September 5-12, and it was EVERYWHERE. I couldn't look anywhere on the internet without a mention of it popping up, and what do you expect, fashion week is a big deal! The one thing I noticed the most, was the street style as fashionistas from across across the globe gathered. Everyone always looks amazing, so I thought we'd have a quick look at my favourite NYFW street style look.

Get The Look: New York Fashion Week;
Get The Look: New York Fashion Week; by refusetoconform 
(photograph by: Casey Freeman) 

I absolutely love this look, it's quite minimal, with a few accessories and then this bold pop of colour and pattern from the jacket, mixed with a dark red lip.

If you want to know how to achieve this look I have tried to pair together an outfit that is as close a possible and all items will be linked below.

My favourite item from this look, are actually the girls boots, unfortunatly they are probably designer, and I can't afford high priced items. So I was lucky to find these inexpensive ankle boots from H&M and, although not axactly the same, I think they're a pretty good match, especially at only £29.99.

My New Blog;

If any of you reading this, are constant visitors, then first of all thank you! haha. Secondly, you may remember a post I did a little while ago mentioning the idea of me starting a wedding blog, to share my love of anything bridal and it has finally happened!

A Fanciful Wedding, is my new wedding blog and it is finally up and running with it's first post being released today, so it would be great if you could go check it out for me, leave me a comment, see if you like it, and if you do, why not follow me? It would be greatly appreciated!

Hopefully see you all there, or if wedding's aren't your thing, then of course I will still be here at Refuse To Conform! 

Thursday, September 19

A Quick OOTD;

 photo OOTD_zps004a1708.png
Just a quick outfit of the day that I thought I'd share. I'm doing nothing special today, so I've just got picked a totally laid back outfit, of a loose rolled sleeve t-shirt, leggings, creepers and some arrow head jewellery.

I kept the outfit plain and simple as the bold pattern on the leggings does all the talking, however, as I write this, I am absolutely freezing, so I am most definitely going to add a leather jacket to complete the look (but mostly just to keep me warm haha!)

(Top: Primark, Leggings: Topshop, Shoes: Primark, Necklace: Primark, Ear Cuff: I have no idea! haha)

Wednesday, September 18

Making Your Own Jewellery;

First things first, this it not a DIY or tutorial!
So I've done a DIY before about how to make a bracelet using old rings, and it was so easy to do (and cheap) to do! But I feel like, most people, would rather spend out a lot of money on a piece of jewellery, than spend the time and effort to make it.

 photo jewellerysupplies_zps71017e1e.jpg
You can get many jewellery making supplies for really cheap from either Ebay, or Etsy.. Some things from my collection include ring bases, skull beads, hard bases, cord and more. Now with these things, I could make countless different items, for the price of only one jewellery piece.

 photo JewelleryMaking_zps8de6073c.jpg
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
From Etsy I found a range of gorgeous jewellery making supplies, at and such reasonable prices it's hard to resist! You could make rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings all to your chosen designs. You can make pieces completely out of your imagination and have one of a kind items!

So if you're interested in making your own jewellery then head on over to Etsy or even Ebay and start searching for the perfect supplies to bring your dream jewellery to life!

If you happen to read this, and do decide to make something of your own, then definitely tweet me a picture @NovaAlexxander, I'd love to feature some reader creations here on my blog!

Tuesday, September 17

Refuse To Conform Picks: The Hottest Heels;

 photo hottestheels_zpsd7519b59.jpg
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

If you've read my blog before, then you will know I am a lover of shoes! So today, I've put together a list of the hottest heels that I'm wanting for Autumn.

Ankle straps are all in for Fall, so this gorgeous (1) platform heels with ankle strap are a definite must have; Or if a platform isn't for you, go for a pair of chunky heels (5) with an ankle strap, either way you'll be rocking the trend. If you're not one to follow the trends, take it and make it your own with these amazing (7) tie up ankle strap heels, you'll definitely make a statement in those!

For the Fall I'm all for the chunky heels, whether is be wedges, platforms, or block heels, they look amazing. Add a bit of colour to the dreary weather with these (3) cobalt slipper heels, I absolutely love the style of them and they look amazing on. You can also opt for a chunky heel (4) ankle boot or even a chunky wedge lace up shoe, no matter your style, there's a shoe for everyone.

For fall I'm also loving the sportswear chic look, but I'm not really the kind of girl to wear sporty clothes, so these (2) lazer cut platforms are just what I need. Keeping the look edgy and casual with a heel to glam it up these heels are perfect for an everyday look (as long as you can walk in them all day! haha).

What hot heels are you loving right now? Let me know!

Monday, September 16

How to Style Tartan for Casual, Smart and Night;

I did a post a little while ago, talking about the latest trend of tartan. I've always loved it but never known how to style it, so I thought I'd dive head first and try and style a tartan piece into a casual, smart and night out outfit.

Casual Wear
How to Wear Tartan: Casual

One of my favourite ways to wear this trend is definitely with tartan trousers, I absolutely adore this pair, and I think it looks great with a slouchy t-shirt for that laid back look. I paired this look with some distressed looking earrings and some chunky shoes to give the look a little more of a punk feel, after all, tartan will always remind me of that era.
Add a studded bag and a bold lip to finish off this gorgeous casual outfit.. and the best thing about it, the trousers are a pretty reasonable price (considering the price of some of the pieces I've been seeing).

Smart Wear
How to Wear Tartan: Smart Wear

I definitely love this smart look using a beautiful tartan midi skirt, it's perfect for the office if you want to add a little flair. Pair the skirt with a loose vest, tucked in, and a pair of pointed heels to keep it classic and classy. Keep your hair sleek, add a bold lip and some gold accessories and you'll be ready for the day.
Every girl loves her gadgets, so grab a black leather laptop bag (this will go with anything) and a black phone case to pair up with your look, and lets face it, they look gorgeous. Again, I've kept the tartan piece at a reasonable price, but even better with this look, the skirt you can grab for only £15.

Night Wear
How to Wear Tartan: Night Out

For my night out look, I've again got a decent priced tartan piece, and I'm quite happy I managed to find this dress for only £37. I actually love this dress, not only is it the classic red but it's also completely different from any other piece I've found.
Pair with a pair of killer black heels, and a glam clutch. I love the look of gold with tartan, so to pair with the bag, I added a studded gold bracelet and some gold rings to keep the night out glam going. Add a soft smoky eye and a dark sultry lip and look you best throughout the night!