Tuesday, September 10

Fall Fashion: The Weather's Changing!

Warm & Toasty;

What has happened to the weather!? Here in England we've gone from a boiling hot heat wave, to freezing cold winds, and I'm hating it!

No more shorts or leggings, it's definitely time to bust out those jeans. This outfit is my perfect fall look, I absolutely love layers, so pair a coat with a jumper and a scarf, or snood, in complimentary colours for the perfect look.

I thought the jeans went perfect with the outfit as they have an almost acid wash feel, but it's quite subtle and therefore leaves the jeans looking classic. They also go perfectly with a pair of chunky military style boots (which are a must have with the British temperatures and rain!). Tie in the black from the boots with some black leather gloves, these dark accessories help to keep an otherwise quite classic look, a little edgy.

Keep make up simple, as after a day full of wind and rain, no make up is going to look good. The wind will also really dry your lips out, so make sure you have a good lip balm on you at all times, I absolutely love Tokyo Milk products, they're always amazing!

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  1. I love your picks! You're right the jeans are perfect and I would love a coat like this x