Monday, September 23

Get The Look: Street Style at NYFW;

As I'm sure you'll all know New York Fashion Week happened from September 5-12, and it was EVERYWHERE. I couldn't look anywhere on the internet without a mention of it popping up, and what do you expect, fashion week is a big deal! The one thing I noticed the most, was the street style as fashionistas from across across the globe gathered. Everyone always looks amazing, so I thought we'd have a quick look at my favourite NYFW street style look.

Get The Look: New York Fashion Week;
Get The Look: New York Fashion Week; by refusetoconform 
(photograph by: Casey Freeman) 

I absolutely love this look, it's quite minimal, with a few accessories and then this bold pop of colour and pattern from the jacket, mixed with a dark red lip.

If you want to know how to achieve this look I have tried to pair together an outfit that is as close a possible and all items will be linked below.

My favourite item from this look, are actually the girls boots, unfortunatly they are probably designer, and I can't afford high priced items. So I was lucky to find these inexpensive ankle boots from H&M and, although not axactly the same, I think they're a pretty good match, especially at only £29.99.

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