Monday, September 16

How to Style Tartan for Casual, Smart and Night;

I did a post a little while ago, talking about the latest trend of tartan. I've always loved it but never known how to style it, so I thought I'd dive head first and try and style a tartan piece into a casual, smart and night out outfit.

Casual Wear
How to Wear Tartan: Casual

One of my favourite ways to wear this trend is definitely with tartan trousers, I absolutely adore this pair, and I think it looks great with a slouchy t-shirt for that laid back look. I paired this look with some distressed looking earrings and some chunky shoes to give the look a little more of a punk feel, after all, tartan will always remind me of that era.
Add a studded bag and a bold lip to finish off this gorgeous casual outfit.. and the best thing about it, the trousers are a pretty reasonable price (considering the price of some of the pieces I've been seeing).

Smart Wear
How to Wear Tartan: Smart Wear

I definitely love this smart look using a beautiful tartan midi skirt, it's perfect for the office if you want to add a little flair. Pair the skirt with a loose vest, tucked in, and a pair of pointed heels to keep it classic and classy. Keep your hair sleek, add a bold lip and some gold accessories and you'll be ready for the day.
Every girl loves her gadgets, so grab a black leather laptop bag (this will go with anything) and a black phone case to pair up with your look, and lets face it, they look gorgeous. Again, I've kept the tartan piece at a reasonable price, but even better with this look, the skirt you can grab for only £15.

Night Wear
How to Wear Tartan: Night Out

For my night out look, I've again got a decent priced tartan piece, and I'm quite happy I managed to find this dress for only £37. I actually love this dress, not only is it the classic red but it's also completely different from any other piece I've found.
Pair with a pair of killer black heels, and a glam clutch. I love the look of gold with tartan, so to pair with the bag, I added a studded gold bracelet and some gold rings to keep the night out glam going. Add a soft smoky eye and a dark sultry lip and look you best throughout the night!


  1. I absolutely love tartan these outfit builds are brilliant I bloody love that tartan skirt. I'm still uming and ahing about it though because I dont really like/suit red!:(

    1. Same with me! I love tartan skirts and stuff, but I just can't bring myself to buy it because I know I will never wear it.. haha, it's a strange pattern!

  2. love the shoes in the how to wear Tartan section!