Monday, September 2

Social Anxiety;

Hey everyone, so as you can probably tell, this is not the normal fashion-y post, instead it's quite a serious one.

I suffer from social anxiety, like real bad.. So bad that I sometimes find it hard to even leave the house, and as you can imagine, this has lead me to also suffer from depression. Now this may sound weird to some people, and I know there is people out there who wouldn't even class this as a mental illness, so let me explain a little (to anyone who may actually be reading this! haha).

Social anxiety is a fear of social interaction, that's probably the simplest way I can put it. It just means that someone might suffer severe anxiety symptoms when in social situations. This effects me, in the way that I cannot talk to anyone that I do not know, I cannot talk on the phone to people, and I hate being around groups of people as I start shaking, sweating, I feel sick, and I always feel as though I am being judged.

I see a lot of people on YouTube claiming they suffer from social anxiety (and maybe they do in some ways) but I don't understand how they can then put themselves out there and  make videos for everyone to see, or how they can attend meet and greets. I wish that I had that sort of confidence, but I can't even talk to people in my day to day life, let alone meet up with loads of strangers. But I'm not here to judge anyone, or say anyone is lying, as I really don't know them.

When I first realised that something was wrong with the way I felt about interacting with people, I felt like I was totally weird, and alone in the way I felt. I just wanted to write this quick post, so if anyone actually reads my blog, or stumbles upon it that suffers with social anxiety, you know that you are not alone, and it's actually a pretty common thing.

My blog, is a way to keep me from going insane, it makes me feel like I'm actually a part of something, and I'm actually useful at something. Despite this, my anxiety does lead to depression, and some days I just don't feel like making blog posts (though I do try).

So if you are actually a reader of my blog, or even if you're just reading this post, then thank you. It means a lot that you're taking time out of your day to read something that I've written.

I hope you're all having amazing days, and lets hope I release a more upbeat post tomorrow!