Wednesday, September 11

The Beauty Of Weddings;

 photo weddingdress_zpsdcd31e54.png
So recently, I have totally fallen in love with the beauty of weddings. Not the whole romance thing (though that's nice too), but just how beautiful the bride and the reception always looks; I love imagining different themed weddings and how everything would look, or which dress would look best. I mean just look at the pictures above, can you really blame me with becoming wedding obsesses!?

But of course, this is a fashion blog, and I didn't want to just start swamping Refuse To Conform, with wedding dresses, cakes and favour ideas, which is what I've really felt like doing. So I thought, why not start another blog? That way, I can talk about weddings all I want, but only those people who are actually interested will have to read about it (or it can just be for my personal pleasure! haha).

Anyone out there think this is a good idea? If anyone is interested, then I'll keep you updated on the opening of this blog, so keep a lookout! 

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