Wednesday, October 16

Halloween With Style: Ghost;

Halloween With Style: Ghost

Next up in my Halloween with style series is a ghost! Now obviously, a stereotypical ghost outfit is a sheet, with eye holes cut out, placed over your head, but who wants to look around looking like that?

For my stylish ghost outfit, I chose a loose, flowy, vintage look dress and I wanted to go with an old fashion look.  I added plain white heels, vintage look rings, a long layered necklace and a lace clutch. For this outfit my main focus point was pale colours, vintage style and loose layers, which is why I chose the long necklace.

For the make up I would keep it extremely pale, simple and innocent looking. Opt for a grey nail polish, (you're meant to be dead after all, right?) use a white eyeliner and grey eyeshadow for pale looking eyes, and keep it innocent with a thin layer of black mascara to make your eyes pop.

Voilà, a stylish ghost outfit perfect for a party! With this outfit I have use some expensive items as I was looking for the perfect vintage look, but of course, keep your eye open in charity shops/ thrift shops and you're bound to find something that's perfect, and cheap!