Thursday, October 3

Halloween With Style: Pumpkin;

Halloween With Style: Pumpkin

Now that it's October, and the Halloween countdown has begun, I thought I would do a few costume ideas, but with style. If you're one of those people who love to five right in and get all dressed up, then I'd recommend to go for it! However, maybe you're the kind of person, who wants to get involved with the Halloween festivities, but doesn't really like wearing costumes.

If so then my Halloween with style series is for you! Pair orange shorts (for the classic pumpkin look) with a white crop top and boots so it's not too over the top, then add a dark green clutch to bring down the bright colours. The pumpkin beanie inspired this look, and it's such a cute accessory.

I added a green lead necklace, orange nail polish and a dash of green eye liner, to carry on the pumpkin look, but still being stylish and subtle. To finish off the look keep eye shadow and lips neutral and add an adorable pair of pumpkin earrings.

Now you're ready to rock the Halloween season with style! Follow my blog to keep up to date for more Halloween posts coming your way!

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