Thursday, October 31

Halloween With Style: Vampire;

Halloween With Style: Vampire

Happy Halloween everyone! Have you all got a costume sorted out? If not, then maybe this Halloween with style post can help give you some last minute inspiration.

As you can probably tell, this post is all about vampires! This is such a simple 'costume' to put together, just keep everything a little sexy and sultry, mix black and dark red and you're ready to go.

I started with this gorgeous red silk dress, as the pattern really reminds me of some ancient vampire. I then added some sexy dark red and gold heels to match and a gold lace look bracelet and some earrings that are very royal looking, but can represent blood drops.

Add a fancy cross necklace (we all know crucifixes have no effect on vampires haha) and this cute vampire clutch bag. For make up I kept everything dark and sexy, just a little bit of black eye shadow, dark red lips, some full fake lashes and a dash of mascara to keep everything over the top.

Perfect! Now you have a great vampire costume, whilst still being stylish. Have a great Halloween everyone! 

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