Thursday, October 24

Halloween With Style: Witch;

Halloween With Style: Witch

Next up in this Halloween with style series is the witch! Definitely one of the most important 'characters' that revolves around Halloween. 

To achieve this look, I found this absolutely gorgeous lace sleeve maxi dress and paired it with some lace up heels. I feel this really gives off the feel of a witch, it has a real vintage look but I've tried to keep it with a little modern style. Add a lace clutch bag to complete the look.

I chose two 'supernatural' accessories for this look including a evil eye necklace and a pair of pentagram earrings. This outfit is very much about standing out with style, but still keeping the witch costume idea in mind. 

For make up I chose to use a black eye liner for the top lid, but use a silver eye on the bottom lash line to keep things mystical. The nail varnish I used just reminds me of everything Halloween so it was a definite must have, and to top off this look I added a pair of spider web design paper eyelashes which will just look amazing.

There you have the perfect witch outfit, but with style! Great for Halloween!

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