Monday, October 7

How To Style PVC: A Full Outfit For Under £130;

PVC is a huge up-and-coming trend for Fall, so I thought I'd jump in quickly and share how I would style PVC into a full outfit, for under £130.

Now I chose a larger number so that I could include some good quality pieces that will last for seasons to come, but you can, of course, dress this trend for much less!

How To Style PVC;

I started off with PVC trousers, as I wanted this look to be quite bold, but also something you could wear everyday. So I added a cropped navy jumper to add a little difference in texture and colour, plus added these gorgeous chunky ankle boots.

I wanted to keep the outfit fairly simple as PVC can be a little too much sometimes.. So the only accessories I added was an over the shoulder bag, a long necklace and this cross beanie to keep it looking a little grungy.

Another Halloween post will be up tomorrow, so if you liked the first one, make sure you come back tomorrow!

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