Monday, December 15

A Long Overdue Update; And My New YouTube Channel!

Hey everyone!

Blog posts will be starting back up soon, I promise!

But until then, I finally got around to starting my fashion channel over on YouTube, and my first ever video is now live!!

As it's the Christmas season, I felt it only right that my first video be a gift guide, so I would be forever grateful if you could come and check it out, leave a like, subscribe and maybe share it with your friends!

I'd be forever grateful if you could!

Much love everyone!

See you over on my YouTube, or see you soon back on this blog! x

Monday, November 3

Where Have I Been!?

Hey everyone!

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you may realise that I have posted anything in AGES! So.. Where have I been?

Not only have I been struggling through some personal issues, which has kept me unmotivated, but I also started making gaming videos on YouTube!

My channel, Nova Crafts, is just filled with videos of me being silly, playing all the wonderful mini games and styles of play that Minecraft offers. I've really been putting a lot of effort into these videos the past few months, so if it's something that interests you, then it would be great if you could come and check my channel out! 

If you could subscribe and leave a little like on my videos it would mean the world to me!

I'm also hoping to start a fashion channel over on YouTube, so hopefully that's something you will all be interested in! As for this blog... I have definitely missed creating posts, and now I've got myself together, I hope to carry on creating fashion posts.

Just seeing the amount of page views I have received whilst I've been away is amazing, and really means a lot to me.. So it would be great if you could share the same love with my Minecraft YouTube channel, even if it's not your thing, a little share goes a long way!

Thanks for reading everyone, and I hope to see you soon when I get this up and running with some more delightful fashion posts!

Love you all ~ Nova x

Friday, June 27

Top 5 Summer Beauty Must Haves!;

Top 5 Summer Beauty Must Haves;

We all love the Summer, right? But sometimes, our skin doesn't always feel the same way, the hot dry weather can make our skin look less than great. So here's my top 5 beauty products to give your skin the best treatment possible during the sunny seasons.

First on my list is this (1) Garnier exfoliating scrub, this is perfect for oily skin prone to imperfections and will help get rid of any dead skin, so that your skin is radiant (the fruity smell is great for Summer too!) 

Second on my list, but definitely one of the most important things is a good sun cream, to protect your skin from those nasty UV rays and to help moisturise I chose this (2) Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration sun lotion. Though this is on SPF 15, so keep in mind that depending on your skin type, you may need a higher SPF.

Next up is a water proof mascara, now this basically speaks for itself, but when you're sweating throughout the day, or just playing around by the side of the pool you do not want your mascara running. This (3) Max Factor clump defy mascara is great and it really adds length to your lashes.

As I've mentioned before, the sun can dry out your skin, and that also goes for your lips, and there's nothing worse than cracked lips when your trying to apply your favourite lipstick, so a nourishing lip balm is a must. The (4) Nivea Lip Butter's are my absolute favourite lip balm ever, there are so nourishing without being sticky, they get rid of chapped lips effortlessly and the caramel cream one smells good enough to eat! 

Last on my beauty must have list, is a good BB cream. We've all had those moments in the Summer when it's too hot to feel like wearing foundation, but maybe you're not having the best skin day. With a BB cream you can even out your skin tone, get a radiant glow and get a little coverage for any imperfections without it being too much on your skin. The (5) Gosh BB Cream is a must have in my make up bag, not only does it go on and look beautiful, but it has SPF protection and the shade Sand is the only BB cream that I've found to suit my pale skin! 

What's your top 5 beauty products for Summer? Let me know!

Thursday, June 19

Festival Lookbook!;

With festival season upon us, everyone is embracing the atmosphere and festival fashion is back in style. So check out my top 3 looks to join in the festival fun!

Festival Look 1

This first look is typical Summer festival.. I love these denim shorts with ombre fringe and it's a little different to what we always see, I paired them with a simple, tight fighting, black crop top and some tan gladiator sandals. A small over the shoulder bag is essential to carry all your bits and bobs around during the day, and add a pair of black circular sunglasses to protect your eyes!

I chose a long chain with a feather on for this look as I felt in went with the fringing, and a stack of thin gold bangles which you can mix and match with any of your favourite jewellery pieces. To top it all off I love a good bright red lip, and there you go!

Festival Look 3

For those of you who have ever been to a festival, you will know that a good pair of boots is essential to protect your feet from the roaring crowds (not to mention the mud we often get with his British weather). I absolutely love these studded boots, and I paired then with a pair of acid wash jeggins and a loose, sleeveless crop top.

I kept jewellery simple with a dainty necklace, and a wrap-around peace bracelet. For that final detail I love adding a bandanna in my hair, not only is it perfect to cover up that bad hair day, but it looks amazing too! For festival ease, grab yourself this iPhone case, not only will it protect your phone, but it has a slot on the beck perfect to keep some cards in, or even some folded up money!

Festival Look 2

This final look is probably one of my favourites! I love mixing black outfits with fun and flirty blush accessories. For this look I chose a simple black play suit, which I love, and added some blush coloured gladiator sandals. As it's festival season you've always got to have an over the top flower head band, and this one is beautiful, though it's still perfect for everyday wear.

I added a long dream catcher necklace to add detail, and some round sunglasses which match our blush coloured accessories perfectly. For this look I'd chose a neutral smoky eye, and keep my hair messy and natural with some bobby pins to help tame it. 

I love this Deborah Lipman nail polish as it has a slight metallic sheen, and this TokyoMilk shea butter lotion is perfect for when you've been parting in the harsh, drying sun! A festival must have is always dry shampoo, keep your hair feeling fresh and looking clean with this lovely smelling cry shampoo for Batiste, and people wont even know you haven't had a shower in days!

Thursday, June 12

Sweet & Simple Summer Dresses;

There's nothing better than when the sun comes out, and Summer finally begins! But during these times I always find myself putting on the same old shorts and t-shirt combo... So I thought I'd share a post on how to simply style some Summer dresses for an easy, everyday look.

Summer Stripes

For my first look, I went with a typical navy and white outfit (there's nothing like a little nautical style in the Summer). I paired this simple striped dress, with some braided sandals, a rope bracelet and some classic aviator sunglasses. I added a long gold necklace and a straw trilby to finish off this look.

For beauty, I kept it simple, a little cream blush for that gorgeous Summer glow, and a pop of aqua eye liner for a little colourful fun (though this is optional if you don't feel brave enough to pull off coloured eye liner). There you go, the perfect, simple, outfit to just throw on and head to the beach!

A Feminine Edge

If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you'll probably know I love feminine fashion with an edge, and this is what I tried to pull off in this look.

I loved this gorgeous peach dress and it's so light and flowy, but to give it that edge I added some chunky black sandals, a black fedora and some circular sunglasses, which I love! I chose to keep accessories simple and pretty with a summery flower bracelet and a clear box clutch.

This look is absolutely perfect for when you're out Summer shopping with your friends, and to finish the look off, you only have to add a dusting of peach blush and a nude lip gloss!

A Dark Summers Evening

For my last (but not least) outfit, I went for something a little more dramatic and evening ready. 

This gorgeous lace sundress from Topshop is perfect paired with a simple black clutch and some black t bar sandals. I wanted to keep this look quite bold so I added a bright red bandana, which I absolutely love for the Summer, a collection of silver rings, some small silver hoops and a dark red lip. To finish it off simply create a natural smoky eye and you're ready to go out! 

With these easy to create looks, I know I'll definitely be getting some use out of my Summer dresses this year! 

What's your favourite Summer go-to look? Let me know!