Wednesday, February 12

Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day;

Who says just because you don't have a partner that you can't enjoy Valentine's day? Why not treat yourself on the 14th with some of these lovely gifts.

Treat Yourself This Valentines;

So it's no fun of Valentine's Day when you're single and everyone else is spending the day with their partners. So this is my list of Valentine's goodies that you should treat yourself too (or even to treat your girlfriend!), after all, who says you can't love yourself on Valentine's?

First up, is a (1) delicious box of cookies. Not only is the presentation amazing, but they're love themed which makes them extra cute (and delicious!) If those cookies don't make you drool then how about pampering yourself with this amazing (2) lip butter collection from Body Shop. They come in a love heart lolly pop shape which is so adorable, plus the lip butters smell and feel amazing when you use them! 

Next up is this dainty (3) heart and arrow necklace, perfect to flaunt the love on the 14th, but also versitile and stylish. Or maybe you'll love this (4) 3-pack of rings, cheap, cute and there's one to go with every outfit! 

Maybe your love this Valentine's Day is Victoria's Secret and you'd love to show that off with this (5) hot pint make up bag. I absolutely love the colour and the graffiti style writing and heart is just so cute. If make-up isn't your thing, but nails are, then flaunt the Valentine's colours with this (6) mini nail set from Nordstrom. The colours are so pretty, and there's even a glitter polish with hearts in! 

So whether you're looking for a last minute gift for your girlfriend, or you're just looking to treat yourself this Valentine's, I hope you all have an amazing day, and remember that I love you all! x

Wednesday, February 5

My New Gaming Channel on YouTube!;

Can you tell who this little Minecraft person is? Hopefully you can.. I put a lot of work into her. It's Miley Cyrus of course!

Yesterday I thought it would be fun to start a gaming channel on YouTube (I'm a bit of a nerd you see) and to start it all off, I made a custom Minecraft skin of the tongue showing, twerking Miley.
To see the creation of this lovely lady, go and check out my video here.

It would be amazing of you all if you could like and share the video... and maybe even subscribe if you enjoy gaming. I'll love you if you do!

Hope you're all having a great week x

Monday, February 3

Brighten Up This Grey Wintery Day With a Bold Coat!;

The worst thing about Winter is having to wake up early for work, and seeing that it's still dark outside. No one wants to see that first thing in the morning, I miss waking up to the bright sunshine coming through my window.

Bold & Cosy Coats;

If you feel like this too, then maybe it's time to add a little bright colour back into your day! This outfit I've put together is for those of you who love to look stylish in the workplace, and who maybe needs a little push to be bolder with their wardrobe.

I've paired these classic black boyfriend trousers (which look even better rolled up at the cuffs) and this button up shirt, seems like a typical office outfit so far, right? I then added these gorgeous white heels with a slight ankle cuff design to add that glimmer of style and glam. Add a clutch for phone and purse (a girls basic necessities!) and then here comes the best part. As this outfit is all about brightening up our Winter days, where would we be without a bright pop of colour!

This orange Topshop boyfriend coat may seem a little daunting at first, but the simple design of it, paired with a black and white outfit gives that perfect contrast, and is definitely a statement piece. I added a pretty statement necklace from River Island to tie in the colour of the coat, and you're ready to go! This is such a simple outfit, but it definitely comes packed with style.

Bright coloured coats are a big trend right now, so why not see about adding one to your Winter wardrobe?
If orange isn't your colour then why not try yellow, or pink to ease yourself into this bold trend!