Wednesday, February 12

Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day;

Who says just because you don't have a partner that you can't enjoy Valentine's day? Why not treat yourself on the 14th with some of these lovely gifts.

Treat Yourself This Valentines;

So it's no fun of Valentine's Day when you're single and everyone else is spending the day with their partners. So this is my list of Valentine's goodies that you should treat yourself too (or even to treat your girlfriend!), after all, who says you can't love yourself on Valentine's?

First up, is a (1) delicious box of cookies. Not only is the presentation amazing, but they're love themed which makes them extra cute (and delicious!) If those cookies don't make you drool then how about pampering yourself with this amazing (2) lip butter collection from Body Shop. They come in a love heart lolly pop shape which is so adorable, plus the lip butters smell and feel amazing when you use them! 

Next up is this dainty (3) heart and arrow necklace, perfect to flaunt the love on the 14th, but also versitile and stylish. Or maybe you'll love this (4) 3-pack of rings, cheap, cute and there's one to go with every outfit! 

Maybe your love this Valentine's Day is Victoria's Secret and you'd love to show that off with this (5) hot pint make up bag. I absolutely love the colour and the graffiti style writing and heart is just so cute. If make-up isn't your thing, but nails are, then flaunt the Valentine's colours with this (6) mini nail set from Nordstrom. The colours are so pretty, and there's even a glitter polish with hearts in! 

So whether you're looking for a last minute gift for your girlfriend, or you're just looking to treat yourself this Valentine's, I hope you all have an amazing day, and remember that I love you all! x

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