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Top 5 Summer Beauty Must Haves!;

Top 5 Summer Beauty Must Haves;

We all love the Summer, right? But sometimes, our skin doesn't always feel the same way, the hot dry weather can make our skin look less than great. So here's my top 5 beauty products to give your skin the best treatment possible during the sunny seasons.

First on my list is this (1) Garnier exfoliating scrub, this is perfect for oily skin prone to imperfections and will help get rid of any dead skin, so that your skin is radiant (the fruity smell is great for Summer too!) 

Second on my list, but definitely one of the most important things is a good sun cream, to protect your skin from those nasty UV rays and to help moisturise I chose this (2) Hawaiian Tropic silk hydration sun lotion. Though this is on SPF 15, so keep in mind that depending on your skin type, you may need a higher SPF.

Next up is a water proof mascara, now this basically speaks for itself, but when you're sweating throughout the day, or just playing around by the side of the pool you do not want your mascara running. This (3) Max Factor clump defy mascara is great and it really adds length to your lashes.

As I've mentioned before, the sun can dry out your skin, and that also goes for your lips, and there's nothing worse than cracked lips when your trying to apply your favourite lipstick, so a nourishing lip balm is a must. The (4) Nivea Lip Butter's are my absolute favourite lip balm ever, there are so nourishing without being sticky, they get rid of chapped lips effortlessly and the caramel cream one smells good enough to eat! 

Last on my beauty must have list, is a good BB cream. We've all had those moments in the Summer when it's too hot to feel like wearing foundation, but maybe you're not having the best skin day. With a BB cream you can even out your skin tone, get a radiant glow and get a little coverage for any imperfections without it being too much on your skin. The (5) Gosh BB Cream is a must have in my make up bag, not only does it go on and look beautiful, but it has SPF protection and the shade Sand is the only BB cream that I've found to suit my pale skin! 

What's your top 5 beauty products for Summer? Let me know!

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