Saturday, January 31

28 Day Fit In February Challenge!

Hey everyone!

If you haven't already seen my YouTube channel, then this Fit-In-Feb challenge will be completely new to you! So to quickly explain, for the 28 days throughout February I am challenging myself to become fitter, healthier and happier.  Every so often I will be uploading videos and blog posts to accompany this theme, so keep a look out!

To start with, I've given myself a 28 day workout challenge, where the amount of exercise each day rises, so that I really challenge myself!

Check out the YouTube video, if you haven't already, to find out more about it, and to learn how to join in with me!

If you decide to join in with me, then you can download the workout chart below! But remember, you don't have to follow it completely, change it up to suit you.. and if you miss a day, don't give up, just carry on the next day!

I'd love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and follow me here on my blog if you want to keep up to date with everything during these 28 days and to help support me (and keep me on track! haha)

To join in, tweet me (@NovaAlexxander)  or send me pictures over on Instagram (@Nova_Alexander) of your healthy meals, your workout outfit of the day, or even your before (and after) pictures, for me to include in the final video on the last day of Febraury! Just use the # FitInFeb

I hope you all want to join in on getting ourselves happier & healthier. Not only though exercise, but eating better, staying organised, and talking time out for yourself!

Let's all support each other, good luck, and I'll be speaking to you all soon!

P.S.  I will be doing blog posts & videos on not only my exercise routine, but healthy recipes, staying organised, and taking time out for yourself. So if the fitness part isn't for you, then don't feel like you can't join in! This is about feeling better in yourself overall, not just getting fitter.

Friday, January 30

January Favourites;

New YouTube video up!  Check it out?

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Love you all!

Friday, January 23

Magnitone Lucid Pixie Lott Review & First Impression;

Hey everyone!

I did a review of the Magnitone Lucid over on my YouTube channel, and took their 7 day better skin challenge, so to see the results make sure you give it a watch!


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Friday, January 9

What I Got For Christmas 2014;

Check out my latest YouTube video everyone!

Better late than never, it's my 'What I Got For Christmas' video!

Check out the face on that thumbnail! haha

See you next time,

Nova x

Top 10 Winter Wish List!;

Hey everyone, long time no see!

But like I said, I'm back, and I've brought with me, my top 10 picks for my Winter wish list. Now, these aren't just random items that I like and so have thrown together; I've picked a few select items that you can mix and match together with basic items in your own wardrobe to create a bunch of different styles.

So this wish list is also kind of like a capsule wardrobe, a bunch of outfits, in a few basic mix-and-match pieces. I've done this, as we all spend so much over Christmas, that maybe not everyone has the funds to now splurge on clothing. All items I've picked are pretty affordable, so no one should have any issues here! Yay!

Winter WIsh List!

I'm just going to get straight into it, and explain why these gorgeous pieces made it into my top 10 wish list!

I absolutely love this 'Two Type Top' by RedSoul from Tonic Clothing (1), simply because it looks like you're getting two pieces for one! I love the look of sheer layers anyway, so you have that aspect, but then with the added jumper 'layer' it makes it more Winter appropriate. Of course I love the fact that it's also all black, as black definitely consumes my wardrobe during the colder months!

Next up I chose this gorgeous pair of pointed chelsea boots from Sole Affair (2). If you been here on my blog before, you will know that I ADORE ankle boots, they're basically all I wear, so I really couldn't resist! These also have a really pointed toe as opposed to the more round toes that other chelsea boots tend to have, and I actually think I prefer them!

Now like I said, my wardrobe becomes pretty Monochromatic during Winter, so I like to add a little pattern or design into my wardrobe through key piece, such as these printed jeans (3) that I also found on Tonic Clothing. I love myself a good bold print, so these are definitely on my wish list. 

Of course, to finish off any outfit you have to have your accessories. To any of these items I'd add a fedora (black of course!) and I have been looking for the perfect one for ages! I love this one from Missguided (4) as it's kept simple, it's affordable, but it doesn't look cheap.. Which is a key aspect with all these pieces! Then every girl has to have a purse, and this silver envelope purse from TopShop (5) is something I've been after for ages, and finally they're back in stock!  Last accessory is a chocked, also from Topshop (8), and although I thought chokers were a thing that died with the 90's, I can't help but last after them every time I see someone wearing one!

You didn't think I could only include one pair of shoes in my wish list did you? Of course not! These chunky platform boots (6) are GORGEOUS, and I just can't get enough. Maybe not the most practical for the icy Winter paths, but I will definitely try! Another pair of shoes are these chunky cut out platforms (9), I have been after something like this for as long as I can remember, as I just love the cut out look with the buckles. These shoes are also on sale at the moment for only £9.99 so I'm seriously going to have to grab myself a pair before they sell out! (Both pairs are from Sole Affair by the way!)

Then of course, I had to include a couple of Winter essentials in my wish list. This simple but beautiful grey jumper (7), and this classic khaki parker (10) both from Tonic CLothing are totally Winter must haves.. and I must have, like.. now!! I love the look of parkas with the fur around the hood, as it would definitely be handy when it's cold outside, and the jumper is perfect to layer underneath it! 

Wow.. Never knew I could ramble on so much! I guess my lack of blogging has been building up inside of me, and all spewed out during this post! Anyway, this blog is definitely a stepping stone for me to get back into it, and I also have a new YouTube channel if you want to check it out! (here)

What are your top 10 items on your Winter Wish List... and did I convince you to add any of my chosen items to yours!? Let me know in the comments!