Wednesday, February 4

Pet Shop Bowl Review;

Ok, I know this may seem like a totally random post to include here on my fashion blog, but... Let's face it, our furry friends need to be pampered sometimes, and that's exactly what Pet Shop Bowl did for my cat!

So my cat, Kiera, was sent an amazing goodie box from the wonderful people over at Pet Shop Bowl, and you can actually check out her review of everything she received down below!

But in all seriousness, I wanted to show the things that she received, as everything was all natural, and totally amazing.

 photo Food Pouches_zps9nsagbyi.jpg

So to begin with, she was sent 4 pouches of wet food.  Now we normally feed Kiera wet food, so I knew she'd like this, but I didn't think she'd be so obsessed with it! She actually ended up licking the bowl clean when she had this!

Not only did my cat really enjoy it, but these almo nature pouches are made with natural ingredients, are rich with proteins and nutrients, and use 100% human grade ingredients (which I didn't test by the way!)  so you know that your cat is only getting the best of the best.  That's all that matters to me, so I will definitely be switching my cat over to these, from her regular supermarket bought food.

 photo Food and Toy_zpsiot4ehvf.jpg

Then Kiera was lucky enough to receive a bag of dry cat food biscuits and some rustle cat toys.
Now both of these I was a little worried about when I pulled them out of the box, as Kiera isn't too fond of eating biscuits on their own, and neither does she like toy balls!  But I was pleasantly surprised.

She absolutely ADORED the dry food, and loved playing with the balls, both of which you can see from her point of view in her video review.  Again, just like the wet food, not only did my cat love the biscuits but they're made from all natural, fresh meat and vegetables. Using 70% animal ingredients, including free-run chicken and 30% vegetable products this complete cat food has a variety of health benefits, and is obviously delicious to cats too!

 photo Treats_zpsejygn8cx.jpg

Last, but definitely not least, Kiera received a lovely bag of treats, which was definitely her favourite thing I pulled out of the box! 

Another example of a wonderful natural product with no artifical flavours or colours, gluten free and made with 95% real meat. Now, my cat loves her treats, but once she'd had one of these, she just couldn't have enough, and literally chased me around as I had the bag in my hand!!  They're nice and big, meaning you could probably break them in half to make 2 treats, so you get more for your money. Plus the fact that they're made with real meat makes me feel a little less guilty when I'm slipping my cat a couple of extra treats!

So thank you Pet Shop Bowl for sending Kiera this wonderful box of goodies, she absolutely loved trying everything in there, and I had so much fun filming her do so!

All products mentioned are below, so go and treat your furry friends too!


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  2. These products are very popular in our shop too! Nice to see Kiera pampered :)