Sunday, February 15

Valentine's Day OOTD;

Hope you all had an amazing Valentine's Day!

If you've seen my Valentine's Outfit video over on my YouTube channel then you have already seen this outfit! But to those of you who haven't here we go!

 photo Outfit 3 Kinda CLose_zpsxblfqlmv.png

 photo Outfit 3 Full 3_zpsvkyhgwd3.png

I chose this outfit for my Valentine's escapades as it's totally bold and a bit edgy, but it is also so, so comfy to wear. Plus I didn't feel like walking around in heels, and I absolutely adore these spiked flats from ASOS!

 photo Outfit 3 shoes 2_zpskw4qjwos.png

 photo Outfit 3 full 5_zps3kfn3pdy.png

I love a good full black outfit, so I feel totally at home in this outfit. Plus, I'm a little self-conscious about my 'big' hips, so was a little worried about this outfit, but it was actually the most flattering out of everything I tried on!  The disco pants just kind of slim everything down and smooth out your silhouette, so definitely try them if you're a little worried about problem areas!

The fur jacket is from Select, the crop top is from Primark, the disco pants are from Primark, the shoes are from ASOS, and the necklace is from Matalan. So overall a really affordable outfit!

I hope you all had an amazing Valentine's day, no matter what you did, and let me know what your chosen date outfit was in the comments below!

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